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Well hello there!

Now that I have blinded you with that first line, let's get on with the rest of the post!

I recently, as you may have known, have gone through a little rough patch in my creativity lately when it comes to writing stories on here. Soooooo.....I've come up with a little idea. 

Right here, I want you guys to post some fic you'd like me to write. Anything you'd like. Though, I have one....requirement.

****I'd prefer if it was within either the Glee/Idol (preferably season 8)/Castle fandoms, but if you really want, I may just write one from a different one (I'm looking at you [ profile] unpublicguy  with Ben and James ;))*****

Now, I will, over the course of the next month or maybe less, write them and post them as they are completed.

I'm just doing this to get a feel for what ya'll like and want to see how ya'll think :) Plus, it may just break my writer's block. :P

Now, post away! :D Go ahead!
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner! :D

You're gonna hate me :P lol )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this AMAZING banner :D

Ben, just calm down... )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner :)

The plan is now in motion! ).
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner :)

I am watching NASCAR. Forgive me that I incorperate that into Brad's mind. 0_0 )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner :)

A/N: Okay, I'm sorry in advance for giving you yet ANOTHER cliff hanger (hold on tight [ profile] cunningdeb! lol), but it just had to be said. Sadly, you'll probably have to wait until next weekend to find out what happens next! As said, this chapter is shorter than the one before (I but it is pretty eventful. It might get a little sad at the end, but trust me, once the whole Hailey/Crystal shooting showdown happens and the baby is born, this will get much happier. A baby always brings happiness! :) Plus, you'll get to see a little payback to Crystal ;) Karma will come back and bite her in the butt, basically. So, anyway, enough with the previews, read on and enjoy!

Oh, and GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!! XD

I am such a big cliff hanger user lately :P )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner :)

A/N: Okay, so, just for you to know, the next part of this chapter will be up tomorrow. It's a big day, Superbowl and all, but I'll get it done. It'll be short I think, so don't be too rallied up, but just know it'll be there :) Sorry for this cliff hanger!!!! (yes [ profile] cunningdeb, you now have to deal with them like the rest of us ;D) Anyway, enjoy!!!!
Leila knew Kim wasn't always the first to think things through, but she didn't know she'd be this crazy when doing something spontaneous.  )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this AMAZING banner!

"Hey David, we need you to take a case downtown since Garther is on vacation... )
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Many thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner!

It wasn't like any day.............. )
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Hey Guys!

Well, I'm kinda' feeling a bit bummed :/ I've only gotten a few comments on the previous chapter of LWFC, and they were only from two of the normal readers. (I know I have my normal people who don't comment but read, so....I guess you could discard this?) This chapter, even though I just put it out, isn't getting the normal flow of comments I usually get. Guys, comments from my loyal readers really help me to go on, which I'd like to. It's just that lately I haven't been getting many, and I'm a bit bummed out. At one point I had about 10 people comment, and now I get two. It's a little saddening to me, since I write this for you guys. So...I'd like to know if any of the old readers just decided to stop, or if I did something, because it's bugging me not knowing. I know some people are busy and can't read all the time, but I've seen some of my old readers commenting other places lately, so I'm curious as to why no one is. 

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if I could know why some people stopped. To all who constantly comment and to my people who read anonymously , thanks a bunch. Everyone who stopped, have any suggestions or something? I'd really appreciate some feedback =)

Thanks for the suggestions!

-Glambertrock =)


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