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A/N: Well, I think that after that extra LOOOOOOOONG wait for this that you deserve an extra LOOOOOOOONG chapter :) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katy wasn't one who would hate a person just by the first impression. She usually would get to know the person and then make her decision. But when she saw Adam Lambert for the first time and witnessed how he'd acted, something just......clicked. She immediately felt hatred for him, and as much as she hated to, she couldn't help but wish he was gone.

It had been just 15 short minutes that Kris and Adam had been there. Luckily, Katy was able to use a bobby-pin to open their trunk, so the boys were now fully dressed and looked more normal. Katy also had made lunch for them as a welcome gift, so the boys were still chowing down on it. They all were in the small dinning room around the hand-carved wooden table and were endlessly talking-like they had been the whole time Adam and Kris had been there. After Katy finished telling Kris about how Conway was without him, she decided to see what Adam was like.

"So Adam," Katy politely said, "tell me some things about you. Kris sure told me a lot about you, but I want to hear it from your point of view."

Adam slyly looked over to Kris and then began. "Well, as you already know I live in L.A. and go to Kris's school. I have a brother named Neil and my two wonderful parents, Eber and Leila. We live in a little neighborhood not too far from the school and are very.....known around our town. I can sing -very well, if I don't say so myself- and I want to either go into theater or the music business when older."

Kris stopped him. "You want to go into theater?"

Adam smirked. "Yeah, if I can't get into the music business. I mean, you've heard me sing! Anyone would want me!"

Katy rolled her eyes. "If you don't say so yourself, mister 'I'm awesome'. Gosh, put yourself on a pedestal with flashing lights, will ya'?"

Oh gosh, she shouldn't of said that. That's like telling him his hair is bad! Knowing Adam, he's gonna' have to prove her wrong.

Which he did.

Adam shot up out of his seat and ran upstairs, returning with his iPod, a microphone (he always carried one in his backpack for some reason), and clearly Katy's radio for her iPod (it had no glitter or rhinestones-it had to be hers) and setting them both on the table. He then took Kris and Katy's hands and took them into the living room, sitting them down on the couches and then smirking wickedly at Katy.

"So, Katy, you say I'm just all hype, no voice?" Adam blankly said as he plugged his iPod into the radio.

Katy nodded, a dark glare glazing her face. "Yup. Gonna' try to prove me wrong?"

"Hold on to your pants, sweetheart, cause you're about to be blown away!"

Kris looked to his side at Katy and saw the pure hate she was giving off about Adam. What is her deal? Adam never did anything to her! Gosh! Suddenly, music began playing, and Adam tapped his foot to the beat.

"Katy, enjoy being proven wrong. Kristopher, just enjoy." Kris blushed, looking over at Katy apprehensive. Did Adam just......try to be sexy with me? Around her?????? "This song is a song I love and I hope ya'll have a fun time hearing it! It's called 'Whole Lotta' Love' by the great, Led Zeppelin."

Adam placed his foot one the table and smirked at Kris again, his eyes full of lust as he sang.

"You need coolin', baby I'm not foolin'. I'm gonna' send ya' back to schoolin'. Way down inside, honey you need, I'm gonna' give you my love, I'm gonna' give you my love..." Adam then let out one of his all time best wails as the backing track sang "wanna' whole lotta' love" once, making Katy turn to Kris wide-eyed in shock. All Kris could do was weakly smile at her and turn back to look into Adam's eyes like he had before. Adam then joined the song again.

"Wanna Whole Lotta' Love, wanna Whole Lotta' Love, wanna Whole Lotta' Love.." Adam then hopped on to the table and stared down at the two, his eyes giving off that same lusty look and his body on full swagger mode. Kris gulped. "You've been learnin', baby I've been learnin'! All those good times, baby, baby I've been yearnin'. Way, way down inside, honey you need, I'm gonna' give you my love, I'm gonna' give you my love. Ohhh, wanna' Whole Lotta' Love.." Adam began to jerk away from the microphone between every 'whole lotta' love', just issuing sexiness into the song. "Wanna' Whole Lotta' Love, wanna' Whole Lotta' Love, wanna' Whole Lotta' Love!" During the whole entire guitar solo, Adam danced and sexily and awesomely as he could, still leaving Katy wide-eyed in shock looking at Kris, who even though he could feel her eyes piercing his skin, couldn't look away from his boyfriend on the table. Adam just couldn't seem to help it. He had to be sexy.

"You've been coolin', baby, I've been droolin', all the good times baby, baby I've been misusin'! Way way down inside, honey you need love! I'm gonna' give you every inch of my love, I'm gonna' give you my love! Ohhhh, wanna' Whole Lotta' Love!" Adam looked Kris in the eye and bit his lip hard, making poor Kris get a shiver up his spine.

Katy is not going to be happy about this.

"Wanna' Whole Lotta' Love, wanna Whole Lotta' Love, wanna' Whole Lotta Love!!!!" Adam knelt down and placed both of his hands on Kris's legs and forced Kris to look him in the eyes. A warm unsettling feeling went through his body, but it was over-ruled by Adam's sex appeal at the moment. Way over-ruled. Even though they were inches apart, Adam still sang full-blast along to the song, but began to carress Kris's face along with it. "Way down need-" Right before Adam sang the next lyric, he grabbed Kris by the back of his neck and planted a big sexy kiss right on Kris's lips in front of Katy. Kris couldn't stop him at all -mostly because he was enjoying the heck out of it at the moment-, so he basically did what Adam said. He just enjoyed. Held on for the ride.

Adam hopped back up on to his feet and belted out the lyric at the top of his lungs, wowing Katy and Kris both. "Looooooooooooooooooooove!" He then smirked and went back to his dancing. "Keep it coolin' baby! Keep it coolin baby. Keep it coolin' baby! Lot's of love, yeah! Wanna' Whole Lotta' Love, need a Whole Lotta Love, you wanna' Whole Lotta' Love..." Adam then again looked Kris straight in the eye, lust appearing again and practically radiating off his body. "Shake for me yeah! Wanna be your backdoor man, oh yeah. Shake, oh shake it. Shake it Shake it yeah yeah! Baby, baby, baby, baby, yeah! Baby, baby, baby, baby, yeah! Baby, baby! Whoa, ohhh, lot's of love, lot's of love, yeah!"

And thus, it ended, Adam panting for breath and chuckling to himself as he saw the expressions of the two. Katy's mouth was agape, her eyes blinking in total shock and her body frozen in the chair. Kris gulped.

"D-damn." He weakly muttered, earning a bark of laughter from Adam.

"So, um, miss wide-eyes? Do you take back what you said about my singing capabilities?"

Katy slowly nodded. ""

Adam ran up the stairs smiling. He'd proven her wrong! He'd done it!


Back downstairs, Katy and Kris were still sitting on the couch, no one speaking at all. Katy finally broke the silence.

"So.....that was the nice, caring, gentlemen-like man that you told me about over the phone? Or did you bring some weird twin of his here?"

Kris glared at Katy. "Katy, Adam just cares about music a lot. You might as well have insulted his Mom or something! "

"You could've stopped him, though!" Katy practically yelled, her voice straining a bit. Kris sighed.

"I wanted to hear him sing."

"So you let him act animal around you? A lust-filled animal?"

"Katy, I couldn't stop him! First things first, if I told him to stop he would've really been sad and I can't risk him being mad at me anymore. Second, well......he was sexy! I kinda' enjoyed it."

Katy gasped. "But you're a dude, Kris! A guy! That shouldn't make you feel...........oh well you know....relations!"

Kris sighed and clenched his fists. So much for keeping the dirty little secret, Kris.

"It does, Katy. I............I'm.......oh gosh, I can't say it! Not in front of you! You'll probably kick us out and if you don't then I know your parents will!"

Katy rolled her eyes. "Why would I or my parents kick out guests? I mean, I'm a bit shocked by Adam but I'm not gonna' throw him out on the street to live with that....hobo out at the gate! Tell me, Kris."

He took a deep breath and looked into Katy's eyes. "I' So is Adam. "

Katy gasped and then looked down at her legs. "I see what you mean, now. Mom and Pop probably would kick you two out if they knew."

"That's why I made Adam wear plaid. He usually wears glitter and eyeliner and leather."

Katy bit her lip to stop from laughing. "I would kill to see him in that."

Kris smiled. "L.A. does that stuff to ya'." Katy nodded. "Katy......Adam and I....we're together. He wanted to know about you and meet you and I wanted to see you again. Katy, a lot has happened since we the last time I saw you, and it's way too long of a story to tell, but basically we're together and my parents found out and well....they kicked me out."

Katy gasped. "Oh my gosh! Not even my parents would do that! I mean....they'd yell at you and punish you, but they would never kick you out! That's barbaric!"

Kris nodded. "I slept on the street for a night, and in the morning, Adam's Dad found me and took me home with him. I basically live with Adam's family now. I see Dan at school a lot, and he tells me how they're doing, but I have a feeling it'll be a while until we're all back together again. My Dad said....he'd pay for collage for me. I think he doesn't want me back at all. My Mom misses me like mad, so does Dan, but they can't change Dad's decision. So......that's the story."

Katy gasped. "Wow.....that's Where did you get the cast on your leg?"

Kris looked down. "Some jerks beat me up. Long story."

Katy hugged Kris. "I'll keep this from my parents, Kris. I'm so sorry....I had no clue that all this happened. Heck, I thought nothing had changed since you've been gone. Man was I wrong!"

Kris laughed. "Yup. But....I owe a lot to Adam, and that's kind of why I brought him, also. I hate being away from him, so I brought him."

Katy smiled. "I see. So, I must admit, and please don't tell him this, I.....I kinda' think he's hot."

"Adam I bet would love to hear that!" Kris said cheekily. "He's very hot. I love him a lot."

"I bet."

Suddenly, Adam came bounding down the stairs in the only pair of skinny jeans Kris owned, a dark gray T-shirt, and Kris's sneakers. He giggled at Kris's expression.

"Hey, you told me not to bring any of my clothes to Conway, and well, look what I'm wearing!"

Kris smiled. "Adam, I just told Katy everything."

Adam gulped and stared at Katy nervously. Katy smiled. "Don't worry, I'm cool with it."

Kris got up and kissed Adam on the cheek. "Sorry baby, I don't want you to get in trouble here. How's about Katy and I take you shopping and you can get some better clothes and....maybe....some make-up to take home with you..."

Adam sprinted to the door and opened it. "Last one to the car has to pay my make-up bill!"

Kris looked between Katy and Adam and then sprinted for his life to the car, just narrowly beating Katy. Once in the car, Katy pouted.

"Adam, you stink."

"Hey, not my fault you waited to run to the car or that you were slow."

"You still stink."

"Do not."

"Do too."

"You two better shut up or no one's going anywhere or buying anything."



Kris smiled and then gazed outside.

"Do not." Adam whispered.

"Do too." Katy replied in the same hushed tone. Kris groaned.

 I've created monsters.


The Conway mall wasn't one that was big at all, due to how many people were in the city itself. Adam was used to big fancy malls with tons of stores and extravagant designer clothes.

He was surely in for a big shock.

As they pulled up into a parking space, Adam looked at the mall, and then to Kris confused. "That's it?"

Kris nodded. "Yup, that's the mall."

"Well damn it's small."

"You're not in L.A. anymore!" Katy yelled from the backseat, "Come on, you guys are slow! Let's go!" In a blink of an eye, Katy shot out of the car and opened the boy's doors. They both hopped out and then walked with Katy into the building. Walking in it seemed like any mall, but Adam still was pouting. He walked up to the directory and searched the place like a crazy person. Finally, he smiled a bit.

"Hey guys," Adam chirped back to Kris and Katy, "can we go to Sephora?"

Katy shrugged. "I never went there. I usually get my make up from another place in the mall. Why, is it good?"

Adam rolled his eyes. "Is it good? HA! This place might as well be heaven. It has all the eyeliners, nail polishes, and other face products anyone could need! Plus, hopefully, it will remind me a bit about L.A. and my pretty stores."

Kris raised his eyebrow at Adam. "Our stores aren't pretty?"

"Frankly you have never been to the mall in L.A. sweetie. Now, let's go!"

Running as fast as he could, Adam came to Sephora, and man was it what he thought it would be. The white shiny tile, the black and white paint scheme, the pretty lights, and the make-up all around him made Adam giggle like a little girl. It felt like he was home in a way. I'm in heaven!

Suddenly, a skinny lady with beautiful eye make-up came up to Adam and smiled. "Is there anything I can help you with sir? A gift for a lady?"

Adam opened his mouth to correct her, but then shut it. Kris's telling him to hide being gay flew to the front of his brain. Say yes you idiot!

"Um, yeah. My friend, actually. She's letting me and my friend stay at her house and I wanted to give her a present."

The lady flashed him a warm smile. "Well isn't that nice. Anyway, do you have anything particular that you'd like to give her?"

Adam shrugged. "I'm not really looking for anything specific." Screw that, I already know what I want. Mac eyeliner, O.P.I. black nail polish, and heck I could care less about the rest! "If I have a question I'll ask you."

"Sure thing! My name is Annie by the way."

Is she flirting? "Okay, thanks." Just then, Kris and Katy walked in, both almost out of breath.

"Adam, if you run again I will kill you." Kris warned, his breath still unsteady.

"What? I'm sorry but I was eager!"

Katy rolled her eyes. "So, go wild Adam. I'll look around with Kris. I know how to act like a couple shopping with him in here. What was your cover?"

Adam held back his jealousy about that. Better watch out, little girl. "I'm shopping fora present for a certain girl of mine who is kindly letting me stay at her house."

Kris gasped. "Wow, you're good!"

Katy nodded in agreement. "Very good, indeed. Anyway, go get your stuff. We'll see when you leave."

"Oh Katy?"


"Please get an extra eyeliner for Kris."

Kris nearly choked on his own air, his eyes looking at Adam in pure shock. "Why for me?"

"Because. I said so."

Katy bit her lip to hide her smile. "Sure thing, Adam."

"WHAT? Hello, I'm here! Don't I have a say in this?"

Adam smirked and began to walk off. Kris quickly grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. "What do you mean I don't have a say in this? It's my eyes!"

"Sorry Kris. You don't. You're all mine, so you have no say. Anyway, see ya'!" Quickly, Adam ran to the nail polish, easily getting away from Kris, for Katy now had him by the arm tightly, leaving no escape. Whimpering, he followed Katy and began 'shopping'.

Back with Adam, he quickly looked through the nail polishes until he found his specific black color. Next, he went over to the M.A.C. eyeliners and grabbed his color, a wicked smile on his face. I can't wait to see Kris wear this. That will be interesting. The rest of the time there, Adam just looked around and sampled colors on his hand like a pro.  He finally walked up to the counter and smiled, for the lady at the desk was Annie. She took his things and rang them up, all the while talking to Adam about how good of choices he made for gifts. Finally, Annie finished taking care of Adam's 'gifts' and handed them to him, sending him away with a cute smile and a wink. Adam quickly ran out, only to see Katy and Kris sitting on a bench just outside the store, a bag already in Katy's hand and Kris about to fall asleep. Adam blushed in embarrassment.

"Did I take that long?"

Katy snorted. "We got here at 2:25. You left at 3:16."

Kris nodded. "You took long, Adam. I'm scared how long it will take you to shop for clothes."

Adam helped Kris up and looked around him, proceeding to kiss Kris quickly on the cheek. Blushing, Kris looked down at his feet and grinned.

"Love you," he quietly said, feeling the blush start to fade.

"Love you, too. Now come on, we've got a lot to do!"


"I cannot believe I am shopping at Sears for clothes."

Kris smiled and patted Adam's back encouragingly. "It was closest  to Sephora. Might as well look somewhere!"

"You sure there's no Skin Graft store anywhere near here?"

Katy giggled. "No, I'm sure. Conway's too small of a town to have a Skin Graft store!"

The three soon reached the men's section of clothing, and as Adam looked through the many clothes, he found a few...reasonable shirts. He then went to try on his clothes, Kris following him into his room and shutting the door with a happy smile.

"We're alone," he whispered, "no one can see me do this." Kris kissed Adam fiercely, tugging him close to him so that their bodies touched  and so Adam could feel every move Kris made. Adam placed his hand on the back of Kris's neck and gently pressed Kris's head closer to him, placing his tongue in his mouth and exploring. Kris let out a tiny whimper, followed by him yanking Adam's hair just a tiny bit. Suddenly, Adam pulled away, leaving Kris to pout.

"Why did you pull away?" Kris whispered innocently. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No," Adam whispered back, giving Kris a slight peck on the cheek, "but we both were about to get into something that I'm not so sure is good for two 15 year olds to be doing in a public mall, even though we are alone."

Kris sighed. "I agree. Yet still, it was kind of hot. You know, the thrill of not knowing if someone would see us? It felt electrifying."

Adam clung Kris close to him and began to pet his hair. "Indeed. I love you, Kris."

"I love you too, Adam."

"Now," Adam whispered, "let me try these on so we can head home." Walking over to his small pile of clothes, he took out all the shirts and picked out a white sleeved and collared shirt and slipped it on. He looked first at himself in the mirror, and then to Kris.

"Do I look good?" Adam said worriedly.

"Hot." Kris said as Adam spun around for him. "You look good in white."

Next, Adam chose a gray short-sleeved T-shirt with some cool black designs like swirls on it. As he slid off the white shirt, Kris walked up to him and helped him, placing gentle kisses on Adam's chest and giggling as Adam looked at him perplexed.

"I think I like this look the best."

"What's gotten into you lately?" Adam carefully whispered. "First wanting to do it in the changing room, then getting all sexy here? Either you want something from me or you did something wrong."

Kris smirked and sucked on Adam's neck, a low whimper releasing from Adam.

"Neither. You're just really sexy right now."

"Kris," Adam whispered, "we're in Sears and I'm trying on boring clothes. How could that be se-"

Suddenly, Kris slightly bit Adam's ear lobe, hoarsely moaning in Adam's ear. Adam froze.


"Listen up, Adam. You're going to try the rest of these clothes on, leave with me and Katy, get back to Katy's house, and go straight to our room. No questions asked."

Adam swallowed hard, his brain trying to cope with what he just heard. "Daaaaaaamn."

Kris smiled daintily and then stood back against the wall. He motioned with his hand for Adam to go, so Adam, even though he was shaking, put on the gray shirt. Kris applauded. "Hot. Now hurry up."

I'm so gonna' die tonight. I know it.

Kris and Adam laid in the bed panting, beads of sweat rolling down their bodies. Adam looked over at Kris and let out a long exhausted breath.

"I don't know what got into you Kristopher, but I love it."

Kris rubbed Adam's bare chest and licked a stripe down it. Adam shivered.

"Adam, you have no clue how hot you are without trying."

Adam moaned and closed his eyes. "Kris, do I have to go down there and talk to Katy's parents?"

"Why, do you have....other plans in mind?" Kris said, arching his eyebrow suggestively. Adam quietly laughed.

"Baby, I'm tired. Really. I...I'm sorry. You wore me out, I guess."

Kris rolled his eyes and got on top of Adam. "Sorry for tiring you, but you are not getting away with not returning the favor. Tonight, late at night, I'm making you return the favor. Understood?"

Adam nodded slowly. "Can I sleep right now?"

Kris gently rolled off Adam and then cuddled up to him, his arm draped across Adam's waist. "Go ahead. I'll wake you in an hour. They'll understand." Kris then pulled the covers over them and closed his eyes to rest. Adam feel asleep in a matter of minutes, leaving Kris to just lay there and watch him.

30 minutes later, a quiet knock came from the door. Careful not to wake Adam, Kris walked to the door and slightly opened it. Katy smiled when she saw him.

"Hey Kris," she whispered, "what's up? Why aren't you downstairs with my family?"

Kris looked back quickly, seeing Adam still sound asleep. "Well........Adam's super tired, so I'm letting him sleep for an hour. Um....we kind of did a few tiring things...."

Katy raised her hand in Kris's face. "Don't say more, I heard you two when I went to my room to get a hair-tie."

"Oh gosh, did they hear-"

"No," Katy said, rolling her eyes, "you can only hear what goes on on the top floor when you're on the top floor. Unless you two fall off the bed, they won't hear a thing. You're pretty lucky my parents sleep on the bottom floor if I don't say so myself."

Kris blushed. "I guess so. Um....well, I have to get back to Adam. If he wakes up and doesn't see me there, I think he may go ballistic."

Katy nodded and smiled. "Okay. Well, go back to your boy, I have to get back to the parents. Sleep tight!" Kris shut the door quietly and then walked over to Adam, who was still sleeping soundly. Carefully, he slid under Adam's arm and laid next to Adam peacefully. Silence took over the room quickly, and before Kris knew it, the hour was up. Kris looked over at Adam and sighed. His hair was messed up and laid on his face randomly, his face was very peaceful, not a smidgen of fear or sadness to be found on it, and his eyes shut lightly, every once in a while lightly fluttering. He was Kris's angel, and he couldn't believe that Adam was his. Kris gently kissed Adam's cheek, easily waking him up.

"Morning angel."

Adam smiled and kissed Kris back. "Morning. Don't you look hot right now!"

"Not as hot as you."

Adam rolled his eyes and slowly got up. Yawning, Adam stretched his arms and then got up, heading to the bathroom. "I'm gonna' go freshen up, okay?"

Kris hopped up and grabbed Adam by the arm. "Can I come with you? I'd be very happy if you decided to....well...return the favor in there...."

Adam stood still for a second to think. Finally, he sighed and pulled Kris along. "Come on Kris, let's go."

Smirking, Kris eagerly followed. "Face it, you can't handle my hotness."

Just before Adam shut the bathroom door, he kissed Kris affectionately. As he pulled away, Adam heard Kris moan from the loss. Adam smirked. "Or is it you that can't handle my hotness."



The afternoon couldn't have gone any better. Adam got along actually perfect with Katy's parents, earning their "approval" to stay over whenever. He simply had this charm to him that lured them in. Kris on the other hand was feeling a bit left out, though, because after while, it seemed it was just Adam and the parents. Noticing this, Katy placed her hand on Kris's lap and slightly shook her head as if to say 'don't do anything you would regret'' to him. Kris sighed. I wish they knew about me so then I could actually act like I know him! a pat on the back or high five isn't what I want! Ugh I hate this.

Finally, after what seemed like forever in Kris's mind, Katy's parents began to talk to him.

"So Kris," Katy's Mom said in her cheerful voice, "how's the family at home? We haven't heard much from them lately!"

Adam's head shot over to Kris in concern. How could he possibly cover this?

Kris quickly swallowed the lump in his throat and then began. "We've been fine. Mom found a job, Dad's doing good at his, Dan's been doing fine at school. Everything's pretty normal, actually."

Both Adam and Katy looked at each other with the same impressed look on their face.

He did it!

"Well that's fantastic!" Katy's Dad said before took a sip of his drink. Once done, he looked at Kris's leg and nearly gasped out loud. "What happened to your leg, boy?"

"A few jocks beat me up one day. It's nothing big, they just did for no reason. They probably got a bad grade on a test and needed to let go of stress. Who knows." Adam raised his eye brows in shock. He's a fantastic lier  here!

After a few more questions about school and how he liked L.A., Katy's parents decided to make dinner. When they ate, Adam was amazed. It was home made grilled mac n' cheese, and since Adam was used to making Easy Mac for his brother and him, this was refreshing and delicious.

"Wow! This is fantastic!"

Katy's Mom blushed, giving Adam a pat on the back. "Aw thanks sweetie! It's just good ol' southern cooking for ya'! You eat up now, ya' hear?"

Adam quickly nodded and then dived back into the food. Kris laughed.

"I have a feeling your Mom is gonna' have to make that for you, soon."

Adam fiercely nodded. "Heck yes she is!"

Katy's Mom walked up to Adam and placed a small recipe card next to his plate. "That's how to make this. Don't loose it!"

Adam shook his head. "I won't at all! I promise!"

Kris sighed happily and dug into his food. Great, my boyfriend's a pig. How nice.


After dinner was cleaned and finished, everyone headed down to the living room and watched a movie. Adam wanted to watch a thriller or adventurous movie, but just because word got about that he had never watched the Lion King, that was what the ended up watching. In the beginning, Adam was a pouting mess, and it took all of Kris's power to not kiss those pouting lips and make him stop. As the movie progressed, Adam began to get into it. Katy smiled.

"Like the movie now, Adam?"

"I've warmed up to it, you could say."

Kris scoffed. "You cried what Mufasa died, Adam. You love this thing, admit it!"

"Every person when they first see this movie cry then! Come on!"

Katy smirked. "Ease up on him, Kris. I did when I was younger.I've watched this movie over and over ever since it came out. It's my favorite."

"I can see why!"

Laughing, Kris nudged Adam and then rolled his eyes playfully. Adam bit his lip.

"Shut up," he whispered as he turned his head back to the movie.

The movie took a while, and at the end of it, everyone was tired. Katy's parents walked to their beds quickly, both seconds from falling asleep, Katy herself walked upstairs and went to bed immediately, being completely exhausted from the day, and Adam and Kris stayed in the living room watching the credits. Well, more like they were kissing through the credits. Adam pulled back and looked at Kris smiling.

"Love you."

"I love you too, Adam. So much."

"Let's head up to bed, okay?"

Kris nodded, a yawn escaping his lips. "Agreed."

Quietly, the two walked upstairs to their room and shut the door silently. Once in, the boys quickly got dressed for bed and then plopped on to the bed. Kris smiled.

"What a day, huh?"

"Very memorable, indeed. I loved it."

"Yeah," Kris mumbled, snuggling up to Adam's chest and resting his head on Adam's arm. He quietly sighed.

"Adam?" he asked.


"Do you think we'll be together forever?"

There was a slight pause, and then Adam smiled. "I highly think so, Kris. I hope so."

Kris nodded. "I hope so too. I really do."

"Love you."

"Love you, too. Night."

"Night Kris."

To be continued............


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"Daaaaaaamn." What more can I say?
lol, ty for the LOOONNNNGGGG update~! Am looking forward to more (Will they go back yet, or will the next chappie still be at Katy's?)^.^

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LOL agreed :)
Ur so welcome :) They will be at Katy's for a portion of it. It will be the day they leave, so...yeah lol. :D


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Woohoo! new chapter! :D
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daaaaaaaamn girl!
that was sooooo cute! :D
and I could completely picture Adam dancing and singing on the table, and Katy looking at it :D

P.S. I cried too when Mufasa died :( though it's been a loooooooooooooong time since I've seen that movie... If I see it again I would probably cry again, lol

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I soooo could too!!!!!! I could just see Katy being all freaked about it :P

OMG so did I!!!!!! I kinda' made Katy's thought my own on that one :P I watched it over and over and it's funny, but I wanted to be a lion when I was older lol :P

thx so much!!!!!!!! :D

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Ow yeah, I would Love to see Adam do that one day :p but then at my own home, lol ! then I invite Kris too and it will be lots of fun! :D

LOL :D lions are cool though :p

it was worth the wait! ;)

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LOL love the idea!!!!!!!!!! I would so do that :P

I <3 LIONS!!!! hahaha :D

Yay glad it was :)

Date: 2010-07-09 09:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aw, that was lovely. :D

Date: 2010-07-10 05:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
aw thx :) Glad u loved it! :D

Date: 2010-07-10 05:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay kradam getsta do it in Katys house:) awesome:) suck that I didn't get to top all these people in you comments though:( I'm a lousy salkter:( I should be fired:(

will katys parents ever find out about Kradam? the world may never know!


Date: 2010-07-10 05:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL yup they did :P
Aw it okay :) Ur still an awesome salkter :P I won't fire u!

ROFL!!!!! Love the WhatTheBuck ending :D
They just might.........0_0

thx :)

Date: 2010-07-16 02:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Kris groaned. "I've created monsters."
- no you not know Kris. it's kinda funny actually how Katy hate turn into excite knowing your Adam more :)

Date: 2010-07-16 02:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Better watch out, little girl"
- LOL...jealous Adam... * giggle*

Date: 2010-07-16 06:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol yeah :D Katy just needed to know Adam :) That's all she needed to become besties with Adam :D

lol I luv jealous Adam :P

Glad u loved it!

Date: 2010-12-11 07:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Things started a little rocky but how could the O'Connell's not warm up to Adam. It's just sad the boys have to keep their true feeling hidden around the parental units but this little voice in my head tells me they might figure it out by the end of the visit and be okay with it.

Could be wrong. Either way, I'm loving this

Deb <333

Date: 2010-12-12 09:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
They are prim and proper country people who don't see gay people often They are kinda like Kris's Dad. But yeah, it is pretty sad. :/
You'll just have to read and see!!!!!!!

Glad u are =) Hugs!


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