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Well hello there!

Now that I have blinded you with that first line, let's get on with the rest of the post!

I recently, as you may have known, have gone through a little rough patch in my creativity lately when it comes to writing stories on here. Soooooo.....I've come up with a little idea. 

Right here, I want you guys to post some fic you'd like me to write. Anything you'd like. Though, I have one....requirement.

****I'd prefer if it was within either the Glee/Idol (preferably season 8)/Castle fandoms, but if you really want, I may just write one from a different one (I'm looking at you [ profile] unpublicguy  with Ben and James ;))*****

Now, I will, over the course of the next month or maybe less, write them and post them as they are completed.

I'm just doing this to get a feel for what ya'll like and want to see how ya'll think :) Plus, it may just break my writer's block. :P

Now, post away! :D Go ahead!
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A/N: My first published Klaine fic! Just because it'll probably happen, any of my Kradam followers who read my other stories in that fandom are totally free to read this =) I know that a lot of you may not know about this whole fandom, but who knows, you may just like it =) Also, thank you [ profile] saar_fantasy , because you and me both know I had no clue how to do an LJ cut until I asked you! XD

For the readers at Kurt_Blaine, I REALLY hope you guys enjoy this! I'm a LONG time reader (you may have noticed a comment from me here and there :D) that decided to give a try at writing something about these two adorable boys! I'm hoping to write other things too in the future, so, look out guys! :) Just wanna' say how much fun ya'll {oh my gosh I said ya'll 0_0} have made this fandom be and how much I thank you guys for it!

Now all of you guys, ENJOY! =)
Enter the dragon....LOL )


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