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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner! :D

You're gonna hate me :P lol )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this AMAZING banner :D

Ben, just calm down... )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner :)

The prom begins..... )
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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this AMAZING banner :)

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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this amazing banner :)

A/N: Okay, I'm sorry in advance for giving you yet ANOTHER cliff hanger (hold on tight [ profile] cunningdeb! lol), but it just had to be said. Sadly, you'll probably have to wait until next weekend to find out what happens next! As said, this chapter is shorter than the one before (I but it is pretty eventful. It might get a little sad at the end, but trust me, once the whole Hailey/Crystal shooting showdown happens and the baby is born, this will get much happier. A baby always brings happiness! :) Plus, you'll get to see a little payback to Crystal ;) Karma will come back and bite her in the butt, basically. So, anyway, enough with the previews, read on and enjoy!

Oh, and GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!! XD

I am such a big cliff hanger user lately :P )
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Thanks to [info]groffiction for this amazing banner!
Hailey walked into the prison gate with the gun and a smile on her face... )
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A/N: My first published Klaine fic! Just because it'll probably happen, any of my Kradam followers who read my other stories in that fandom are totally free to read this =) I know that a lot of you may not know about this whole fandom, but who knows, you may just like it =) Also, thank you [ profile] saar_fantasy , because you and me both know I had no clue how to do an LJ cut until I asked you! XD

For the readers at Kurt_Blaine, I REALLY hope you guys enjoy this! I'm a LONG time reader (you may have noticed a comment from me here and there :D) that decided to give a try at writing something about these two adorable boys! I'm hoping to write other things too in the future, so, look out guys! :) Just wanna' say how much fun ya'll {oh my gosh I said ya'll 0_0} have made this fandom be and how much I thank you guys for it!

Now all of you guys, ENJOY! =)
Enter the dragon....LOL )
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Many thanks to the amazing [ profile] groffiction  for this beautiful banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gentle morning light lit Adam's bedroom in a nice and calm halo of warmth and peace.... )


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