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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this AMAZING banner :)

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Many thanks to the amazing [ profile] groffiction  for this beautiful banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gentle morning light lit Adam's bedroom in a nice and calm halo of warmth and peace.... )
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Much thanks to the WONDERFUL [ profile] groffiction  for making this banner for us to enjoy!!!!!!!

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! I LOVED writing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

"Well class," their homeroom teacher said one last time to them, "Next year, you'll all be passed off to the sophomore teachers and will be just my science group. I want to say that, although it's been a hard freshman year for some of you-" All eyes went on Adam and Kris, but they just rolled their eyes and shook their heads. "-but, I can only say that it will keep getting better and better. I can't wait to see what you all will accomplish next year. Anyway, I wish you all luck! Goodbye everyone and good luck as Sophomores!"

And then, the final bell rang, sending everyone into just hugs goodbye and kisses from lovers.

For once, Adam was part of that group.

Snatching his sweetheart tight in his arms, Adam planted a big and wet kiss on Kris's lips, joy and pure love in his big blue eyes. Kris leaned into Adam's grasp, closing his eyes in pure happiness of the moment.


It's over.


"MOM!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE SOPHOMORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Adam came walking in with Kris at his side, giggling and totally blissed-out by the joy of summer. Leila smiled and hugged both of them joyously. Finally.

"Congrats you two!!!!!!!! And, uh....if you want can. Neil's off with some friend for the night to kick off summer."

Kris snorted. "Glad he is. I'm not being naked in this house with him near."

"Says who, mister? If I want you to be-"

"Boys," Leila said, a smirk in her voice, "let's not talk about that stuff right now. Anyway, why don't you two chill on the couch for a bit until I start dinner. Holler if you need me!"

Once Leila was gone, Adam and Kris flopped on to the couch -Adam first, of course- and began to watch TV. Suddenly, Adam got a text from Neil.

"Mom is probably gonna kill me."

Adam let out a small groan -that Kris had mistaken for pleasure much to his luck- and then texted back.

"Why would she?"

Neil replied quickly. "'Cause I did something a bit.....crazy."

"Crazy as in what?"

"Crazy as kiss my friend..."

To Adam, a kiss was nothing really, unless with Kris or his parents. It was a show of love or curiosity. Leila had told that to him a long time ago, and it still stuck with him today. So, when he read the text, Adam kind of laughed. This kid is a handful.

"Mom won't kill you for a kiss, Neil."

"Will she kill me for kissing his sister?

Adam groaned. "Neil, are you going crazy? First you say you're gay, then you go out and kiss a girl? What is with you?"

He got a reply a little while later. "I don't know what the heck I am, Adam. I liked kissing Kris, I liked kissing my friend, and I liked kissing his sister, too. All just as much. If there's some sort of name for that, then tell me, 'cause right now I feel like a freak."

"Neil, you're just getting confused. Hell, I kissed some girls when I was younger. Just don't get too ahead of yourself. I guess all I can say is experiment. You're 13. Give it some time. Now, I gtg because Kris is asleep on my leg and I should do something about that. Bye."


Adam set down his phone and looked down at the now sleeping Kris. His arms were holding Adam close like a pillow and he was sort of hugging his legs. He just looked super comfortable at the moment.

"Dang you're cute," Adam whispered, petting Kris's hair lightly with his hand. Kris shifted a bit, but stayed asleep. A smile had appeared on that little face, and that was all Adam needed to feel at peace. Summer finally was here, and now they could be at ease. No bullies, no trouble-minus Neil-to worry about, and just plain relaxation time with his love under the sun. What more could he ask for?

This summer was surely going to be one of his favorites.


{Flash Forward to June 21st of that summer}

Kris knew that day was coming. His sweet 16. All that night leading up to his birthday, Adam had hung out with him at his house, kissing him and telling him just how excited he was for tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is now, and the moment Kris woke up, he even felt excited.

Kris did his usual morning routine-showering,  brushing his teeth, getting dressed-and then went to check his cell. He saw he had 5 texts. Smiling, he read them one by one.

"Happy Birthday Kristopher!!!!!!!! Hope Adam makes you happy today ;) xoxo Brad"

Kris laughed. That's so Brad.

"Happy B-day bro! <3 Allison" Kris giggled and read the next one.

"Hey Kris! Happy B-day from Jamie, Gabby, and I! luv ya! Casey :)"

Smiling, he looked to the next, a bit surprised by the sender. "Hey Kris, it's Ben. Hope you have a good birthday, buddy! See ya!"

Then, Kris turned to the final text, the most recent one, and opened it quickly.

"I suggest that you get your butt over here in your bathing suit ASAP. You deserve a sexy and fun sweet 16. See ya' there."

As if the day couldn't get any better than to hear his boyfriend as him to come see him, Kris saw a pair of brand new dark blue swim trunks laying on his dresser with a little note from Adam saying 'Happy Birthday' to him. He took them and put them on, checking in his mirror to see how he looked, slid on his black flip-flops, slid on a white sleeveless shirt, and then walked out to the living room. Instantly, Kim was hugging him, yelling 'Happy Birthday!' loudly into his ear and kissing his face everywhere. Dan was sitting on the couch smiling, and his father was sitting in his chair staring at the TV blankly. Kris chuckled and yanked his mother off him.

"Thanks Momma. Calm down before you have a heart attack!"

Kim laughed and sat back on the couch, wrapping her arm around Daniel.

"Um....Momma, Adam texted me and wants me to come over. I'll be home before dinner so that we can celebrate then. I promise."

"But Kris," Kim said sadly, "we were gonna take ya' on a trip to the Hollywood strip to go sight-seeing and stuff!"

Damn. "Momma...Adam seems to have really planned something...It'd kill him if I bailed out, probably."

Neil glared at him angrily. "Kristopher Neil Allen, you will not blow off your family for Adam! Now go and get ready to go to Hollywood."

"Wait," Daniel said, "Kris, could you see if we could come along with you guys? I mean, knowing Adam's family, they're bound to come with you two."

"Sounds fine to me," Kim said. Neil just nodded and motioned for Kris to go call.

I hate this. "Fine, I'll go call him."

Kris walked back to his room and grabbed his phone, groaning as he reluctantly typed Adam's number. He wasn't happy about this one bit. Well, let's screw sexy! Adam answered on the second ring.

"Kris," he said a bit surprised, "why are you calling?"

"Why don't you ask that to my family?"


Kris groaned again. "My family had this sight-seeing thing in Hollywood planned today and my Dad forced me to go."

"Oh hell no. So you can't come to see me?" Adam's voice sounded so disappointed. Apparently, he really was looking forward to this.

"Not exactly. You see, Daniel came up with the idea where they come along to wherever we are going. So, as long as they come along, I can come."

"That sucks."

"I know."

With a little laugh at Kris's enthusiasm, Adam sighed and replied back to his lover.

"Okay, well at least everything won't be that messed up by this. Besides, there's plenty of things to do at the beach that they-"


All that could be heard on the other line was the guffaws from Adam as he enjoyed Kris's excitement.

"Bye sweetie."


It was 11:45am by the time Kris and his family reached the beach. The sand and water looked beautiful that day, as it should, and just invited everyone to come. Luckily, though, not many people were there. Actually, there were only a couple families strung along the sandy shore as their little children played at the water's edge and built sand castles. The place was freakin gorgeous.

Once Kris's family all was out and sun-screened up, the group marched up to the sand from the parking lot, smiling at the nice view it gave. After a minute of searching, Kris saw Adam and his family all set up a few feet up shore in the nice white sand. Leila was drinking a cutesy margarita with an umbrella in it, Eber was cooking on a little mini-grill he had brought along, Neil was fiddling around with a sandcastle he had made, and Adam was laying on a lounge chair under a large beach umbrella, head back, relaxing to the calm sound of the waves. He had on blackish swim trunks, a very see-through cover shirt, and dark sunglasses. 

Gorgeous as hell, I tell you.

Kris suddenly ran from his family's group and crept up to where Adam was laying, sneaking right behind him and taking off his shades with a smirk. Adam giggled and reached for them back, getting a simple head shake 'no' from Kris, who then got out from under the umbrella and taunted him.

He wanted this to be a chase.

Slowly getting up from his chair, Adam got up and walked calmly towards Kris, a smirk now also appearing on his freckled face. Kris winked and then sped off down the beach, an evil laugh coming from his lips as he ran. Adam sprinted after him, chasing past a few unsuspecting families and over a few old and abandoned sandcastles. Finally, about 60 feet from where their families were, Adam caught Kris, tackling him to the ground and successfully obtaining his sunglasses back. Adam giggled.

"Happy Birthday, Kristopher."

Placing a small kiss on Adam's cheek, Kris smiled.

"Thanks babe."

The two walked back hand-in-hand down the beach with big smiles plastered on their faces, ignoring the occasional looks from a few of the families they passed. Suddenly, a little girl they passed looked at them at called them over to her. When they got back to her, she smiled.

"You two want to build sandcastles with me? My mommy is too worn out to. Plus, she's got my baby brother inside her, so she's always tired. So, pleeeeeeeeeeeease can you play?"

Looking over to the little girl's mother, who was planted under her umbrella with a smile at the two's faces. She motioned for them to go on and play, so they did.

"Of course," Adam said in his sweetest voice, "we'd love to! What's your name?"

"Marcie, but my real name is Marcella. I like Marcie better. Who are you two?"

Kris warmly smiled at the little girl and knelt down to her. "Well, I'm Kris and that's Adam," he said pointing to his lover beside him. Marcie smiled and started playing around with the loose sand around her, a small frown appearing on her face.

"Guys, this sand stinks. Why won't it stay together???"

Adam laughed and sat down next to her, taking one of her toy shovels in his hand. "Because this is dry sand. Dry sand doesn't like to stay together. But wet sand does, and there's two ways we can get it. First, by digging deep into the sand to get it out." Adam took the shovel and began digging, hitting some wetter sand about a foot down. "Second, by taking some water from the ocean and mixing it with sand." Kris took her bucket and ran down to the water's edge, filling the bucket up about halfway, and then came back. He sat down and poured some of it into the dry sand. At first, the sand looked muddy, but then it turned a bit harder, and it started to become perfect for building. Marcie smiled at the two.

"You guys are smarties! So, smarties, what do we do next?"

Smiling at Kris, Adam grabbed another bucket of hers and started to fill it with sand. "Well, you just put the wet sand into a bucket and..." Adam then took the bucket packed with sand and flipped it over quickly, pressing it lightly into the sand, hoping it would work. Then, he slowly took the bucket off, and sure enough, a perfect sandcastle was standing before Marcie. She giggled and clapped her hands, simply delighted. She then took the same bucket and did exactly what Adam had done before, grinning ear to ear when another perfect sandcastle stood next to the other. Adam and Kris both clapped for her, earning a big hug for both of them from the small auburn-haired girl. With a short goodbye and mouthed 'thank you' from Marcie's mom, Adam and Kris were set free, both resuming their walk back. Soon enough, they got back, Leila and Kim smiling at them.

"You boys are too sweet," Leila said, clasping her hands together in pleasure, "playing with that little girl like that? I'm so proud of you boys."

Kim nodded and walked back over to where Leila had been drinking her margarita and sat down in her beach chair that now was next to hers. Leila followed her and sat, chatting along happily about something that the boys didn't care about. Adam and Kris then looked over to where Neil was, seeing Daniel play happily along with him at trying to capture a poor crab that was just merrily walking by in the sand. Then they looked to where Eber was, seeing him obsessing over his grill with the somehow happy Neil Allen. Suddenly, Kris was pulled to the side by Adam, getting a big bear hug from him and a small kiss. Kris laughed.

"A little happy, are we?"

A twinkle came in Adam's eye. "Far from a little, Kris. Now, I didn't get to put on any sunscreen, you help?" Adam's eyebrow shot up and a sexy look appeared on his face. Kris giggled and dragged Adam over to a spot beside Neil and Daniel's chase of the crab, laying a beach towel from his parents on the ground, motioning for Adam to get on it. Adam did and took off his cover shirt, tossing it aside to reveal part of his gorgeous body. he then laid down on the towel, shutting his eyes and sliding on his sunglasses. Kris took the bottle of sunscreen from the sand and opened it, pouring a small amount of lotion on to his hands. He then placed his hands on Adam's back, lovingly massaging the sunscreen into Adam's back, a few moans getting uttered in sheer delight.

Over where Neil and Daniel were playing around with the crab, Neil noticed his brother and Kris near them and stopped playing, a frown appearing on his face. Dan soon noticed and looked at the two, not understanding what the problem was.

"Hey buddy," he said to Neil in a bit of concern, "are you okay?"

"Why does Adam get to be so lucky?"

"Lucky? How?"

Neil crossed his arms and looked to Daniel innocently. "He gets to have someone who loves him and doesn't think he's a freak. Plus he has Kris."

Daniel looked to Neil in confusion. "'re jealous he has Kris? Why should you?"

"Because I think Kris is cute, okay? I don't think I'm full out-and-proud gay but I do think Kris is hot and heck, he started this. I like him and that's that."

"So trying to break Kris away and being jealous of Adam is gonna change things?"

"Maybe," Neil said quietly, "but I know I'll never get Kris. I just want someone like Kris for me. A lot."

Dan smiled. "You're not gay, Neil, you're just a very confused kid who just wants love. Who knows, you may find that someone like Kris that is a guy, but that someone could also be a girl. Neil.........I think you should just stop and wait until you're older to really think about stuff like this. You're young right now. Understand?"

Smiling, Neil nodded and hugged Dan, looking over to Adam and Kris enjoying themselves. "Thanks Daniel."


"Adam, stop freaking out, it's just seaweed."


Adam was on the edge of the water picking out pieces of seaweed that had gotten in his hair when they scubba-dived just minutes before. Kris was leaning on Adam's shoulder next to him with a big smile on his face as his love picked seaweed paranoidly out of his raven-black hair while the wind attacked it. The sun was only a few minutes away from setting, and their day on the beach was sadly coming to and end. Everyone was all ready to go, but were staying to see the sun hit the water. Kris nudged Adam's arm, making Adam turn to look into his eyes.

"Hey, remember in 'Pirates of The Caribbean' how they said that every time the sun sets and you see a green flash, a soul has just been released from Davy Jones' Locker?"

"Of course," Adam said calmly, the last few pieces getting out of his hair.

"Well, I wonder if we'll see it tonight."

Getting the last piece out from his hair, Adam smiled and shivered a bit as the cool water hit his toes.

"It's your birthday, after all. They've got to free a soul on an occasion like this!"

Kris laughed and began to cover part of his leg under sand. Adam just gazed into the sky as the pink and orange colors painted a beautiful picture on the clouds. The wind became rougher and the water inched closer. The tide was coming in. Yet, the boys stayed in place, letting the nice cool water cover their legs inch by inch. Suddenly, the sun began to set into the water. Adam and Kris smiled and gazed at the sun, watching it sink slowly into the water. Finally, it was ready to dip below the horizon. Kris watched extra closely, waiting for that green flash anxiously.


It was small, but Kris and Adam both saw the little green flash just as the sun disappeared into the water. So rushed by their excitement, the two kissed. Adam had his hand resting around Kris's neck and Kris had one hand in the sand to prop him up and one hand on Adam's shoulder, lovingly holding him close. You could say sounded like it was a scene from a movie, but to Adam and Kris, it was real.

Oh so awesomely real.


To be continued..............

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A/N: Little drabble I came up with today :) I really hope you all enjoy it :D

It was as if in a blink of an eye, everything could change. As if you could be having the worst day of your life only to suddenly have it transformed into one of the best. That was the case for Adam Lambert and Kris Allen this time.


It all started on a breezy Wednesday morning in L.A. at Adam's beautiful mansion of a house just blocks from his studio. Adam was in the middle of getting ready to go on a fancy, romantic dinner date with his newly found husband, Kris, in one of his favorite spots to always eat at. The 'oh so fancy' date just happened to be at Red Lobster, one of Kris's favorite spots to eat at the moment. For hours, Adam and Kris had been fighting on the phone over where to have the date at, and after seeing his cute, pout-faced boy stare at him with the longing look he couldn't resist, Adam gave in, and Red Lobster was set as the place to be. The reason for the date? Well, that is a whole other story itself.


The day after Adam and Kris had gotten married, they were lying on the beach of one of Adam's private islands he chose for the occasion when the question came up.

"Adam, when can we have a kid?"

As far as Adam was concerned at the moment, Kris just said the most shocking thing ever. So shocking that it made Adam's heart skip a beat and caused him to cough for air, his face with the same shocked look until he finally got over what Kris had said. It took a full ten minutes before Adam could answer properly without freaking out, which he clearly wanted to do.

"Why...why do we need a kid yet? We just got married yesterday. I mean, come on, you and me have our whole lives ahead of us. Why do we need to ruin our little time to ourselves by adding a screaming, needy kid to us?"

Kris glared at Adam with one of those deathly looks that would make a mob boss even re-think his words. It took Adam a moment to completely understand why he was giving the look.

"You want a kid."

Kris nodded.

"But why?"

"Maybe," Kris said, getting up and walking away from where he was just laying, "it's because I thought you'd make a great father and that it would complete our family. But no, you just proved me wrong, Adam, and heck, if you wanted a guy who didn't want kids, then WHY did you even marry me?"

"Kris, I never said-"

"YOU IMPLIED IT ADAM," Kris angrily snapped, "you implied you didn't want kids! I should've seen this coming when I chose to marry a rock star like you. 'Oh I'll have kids with you later' you'll say to me now, but what about later when you're on tour, making it big, huh? You'll just say the same thing and forget me at home, hitting it off with ever dude you meet on the road. Well ya' know what Adam, I sure as hell want kids, and I sure as hell DON'T want you to be their father anymore! Gosh, why did I EVER marry you?"

Adam looked quietly stunned at his husband, a tear falling down his freckled face.

"Because I love you and you love me," he replied with a small voice.

"Well, you know what? I'm through with all that crap. I'm leaving. Bye, Adam."

For a moment, all Adam could do was just watch his lover walk furiously back to their cabin with tears in his eyes. His whole body was just frozen from rejection and fear. Finally, strength decided to show up, and Adam quickly with all his courage ran up to Kris, spun him around so that he was looking straight at him, and planted his lips of Kris's, his arms forcing Kris to stay. The kiss ended slowly and peacefully. Adam looked dead straight into Kris's eyes seriously.

"Listen to me."

Kris struggled under Adam's grasp, but couldn't gain exit from his arms, and with a groan, he gave up, forcing his gaze up at his husband's loving face.

"That's right. Kris...I didn't mean to hurt you by saying that. I...I guess that I came off as saying I never want kids, but the truth is that I do. I'd love a family with you, Kris, and if I could I would give you one right now, but what I was trying to say was that it'd be too soon. I mean, we don't have a stable household that we both live in, we don't have our finances all worked out, you are working on your first album and I'm about to be on tour, our families are still all jumbled up from the wedding, and it takes a lot of time to adopt a baby. We can't just go to a store and get one. We need time. Do you understand, babe?"

Kris lowered his head and slightly nodded, placing his cheek against Adam's chest.

"So," Adam said with a more cheerful voice, "how's about we wait until your album's out and my tour is over to begin the whole adoption stuff. Does that sound like a deal?"

"Yeah," Kris answered in a nicer tone, "that sounds like a perfect idea."

"So it's settled. We'll get our baby when we get more settled with our careers."

"Um Adam."


"I want two."

"Just shut up and kiss me."



So, the reason for the date was simple: to celebrate the fact that their surrogate mother that they had gotten was due any day now, and this would be one of the last times to themselves they had together for a while.

Adam was done getting ready by the time he got the call from Kris telling him to head off to the restaurant, so once the call was ended, Adam slid on his shoes, got his keys, and then ran off to his car-black mustang, as always-with a bright smile on his face. Speeding out from his parking space, Adam began his way to the restaurant in style, placing his dark shades over his eyes and turning on his radio to the local station, singing a long to his own song as it blared through the speakers. Halfway through his drive, traffic stopped out of nowhere, turning Adam's drive from a calm drive with plenty of time to get to his destination into a hurry to get there before he was late. Kris will hate me if I'm late, Adam thought as he beeped his horn, Gosh, what is causing traffic to just stopSuddenly, the sounds of an ambulance filled the air, and Adam leaned back in his seat with a sigh. "I'll never make it in time," he grumbled to himself, checking his watch, "especially if this is a big wreck ahead."

After a minute, Adam began to hear a few people talking amongst themselves in their cars and decided to listen in effort to get his mind off Kris.

"I heard that it's a celebrity's car who got hit," Adam heard one lady say in the car in front of him, "and that he's hurt pretty bad."

Could, it couldn't be.

"Oh my gosh, I feel so sorry for him. Isn't he and his husband supposed to be expecting a baby soon?"

"Yeah. Poor Adam must be freaking out."


Jumping out of his car, Adam ran to the sidewalk and sprinted past the tons of cars that were in the large traffic jam. Finally, Adam reached the sight of the accident. A green truck's front bumper was smashed up against Kris's light blue ford hybrid, the front of Kris's car smashed in so close to the front tires that it was almost incredible, and airbags from both cars were draped across one another. Then, Adam gazed at the driver seat and saw Kris laying back in his seat, eyes fluttering, with paramedics treating to him like crazy. Adam's only thought was to run to him, and so he did, only to be stopped by police officers standing by.

"Sir, I'm afraid you can not enter this crash scene," an officer said as he helped restrain Adam back.


The officer looked at the others around him and then quickly let go of Adam, watching in a bit of remorse as Adam ran up to the cars where Kris lay. Poor man.

The paramedics all turned to look at Adam when he came rushing up to them. Adam just stared back horrified.


Immediately, they all went back to tending to Kris, ignoring Adam as best they could as he cooed words of love and affection to Kris that only he would say. Soon, they had him loaded up into their ambulance, all ready to send him soaring to the hospital. Of course, Adam was allowed to ride because he was related to Kris by marriage, but he had to keep his distance as they worked on Kris. They had taken off Kris's shirt to put many heart monitor stuff on his chest and had put a tube in his nose to give him more oxygen, and Adam was becoming overwhelmed. He hated to see Kris like that, and it hurt to look at him struggle like he was. The last thing he needed was to have Kris get hurt with all the expenses of the new baby coming soon. Suddenly, Lady Gaga singing "Bad Romance" filled the car, and all eyes flew to Adam again.

"It's a ring tone, gosh. Now help Kris, will you?"

As soon as the eyes diverted back to Kris, Adam answered the phone harshly due to his stress at the moment.

"Yes?" he snapped angrily.

"Adam, it's Gia. My water just broke. I'm having the baby today and from...the looks of it, this kid's coming pretty soon!"

Adam groaned, looking at Kris worriedly. "Sweetie, you sure you can't tell it to wait?"

"Um..I don't know much about babies, but I have a feeling that once they start to go, they go. Why?"

"Kris just got in a REALLY bad car accident. He's unconscious and we're heading to the hospital. Wait, I'm pretty sure the hospital we're going to is your hospital! Oh that's great...perfect."

"Wait, Kris is hurt???? But his baby is coming soon!"

"Yeah, but what I'm thinking is that maybe I can be there for you, and then when the baby comes, I can bring it to Kris's room to show him. Sweetie, what room are you going to be in?"

Gia sighed. "I'm thinking the one they SHOWED us last week! GAH this baby is pushy."

Adam slightly giggled and looked at his watch. "Well, don't worry, as soon as I know Kris is okay I'll come as fast as I can to help you, got it?"

"Got it," Gia groaned into the phone. "Gosh, you are so lucky that your driver was here to take me or else I'd probably get in a crash too. Your baby isn't taking it's good ol' time like I wish it was."

"Well I apologize that my unborn baby wants to leave your body so fast."

"Shut up," she yelled into the phone, followed by a shriek of pain.

"Just make it to the hospital without killing a nurse and we may be fine. Bye."

"Oh I hate-"

Quickly, Adam hung up. Fortunately, the ambulance just had arrived at the hospital, and from what the paramedics were saying, Kris was starting to regain some consciousness. Hopefully he would have it all so that he'd get to hear that his baby was about to be born. The paramedics rushed him into the ER and sat Adam out in the waiting room to wait. One doctor waited behind, walking up to Adam quickly with a rushed look on his face.

"Adam," he quickly said, "I'm Dr. Rick Lewis, and I'm going to be working on Kris. I know for a fact that your baby is being born upstairs, and I want you to know that Kris is okay. You should go up there and watch your baby be born. Kris isn't going anywhere, understand?"

Adam nodded, a bit relieved that the doctor's words. He jogged up to a nurse who, after a few words with her, brought him to the room where Gia was. By the looks and sounds of Gia, their baby was about to be born soon. Adam ran to her side and held her hand.

"Hey, I told you I'd be here for you."

Gia coughed out a laugh and then let out another shriek of pain, this time almost killing Adam's hand in the process.

"Damn girl, where did you get those mussels?"


Suddenly, another doctor, this time a girl, walked in and gazed at Gia with a calm and re-assuring smile.

"Hi Gia," she kindly said, "I'm so glad to see you again."

Gia rolled her eyes and yelped loudly. "Yeah yeah, nice to see you too Dr. Leah, now, will you PLEASE get this kid out of me?"

Dr. Leah giggled and sat down on her little chair, nurses crowding around her and preparing things in the room. It was like some kind of TV show Adam had seen before, yet he never thought they really did all that work just for a newborn baby. Uneasiness slipped into the pit of Adam's stomach, and before he knew it, Gia was pushing, and his baby was being born. Yeah, okay, he knew the baby was coming the moment the doctor said it, but when Gia squeezed his hand, all thoughts disappeared and pain filled their spots. Just when Adam began to loose all feeling in his hand, everything stopped. Gia let go. The loud shouts for Gia to push stopped. And silence filled  the room.

Then, Adam heard it.

The baby began to cry.


Back in Kris's room, doctors were fighting to keep Kris in stable condition, hoping that he would wake up in time to see his newborn baby. They worked and worked until finally, Kris began to open his eyes. His first reaction was of complete pain. His whole body hurt. Heck, it felt like a big concrete block had just dropped on him and was still there. He noticed where he was next, seeing all the doctors and feeling the tubes and patches along his body, followed by seeing his right leg in a cast and his other leg bandaged up tightly, some blood showing on the outside. Kris gasped, instantly regretting it as he felt his throat ache back dryly in response. Dr. Rick then walked up, and Kris remembered him instantly.

"Dr. Rick?"

Dr. Rick smiled. "Hi Kris. Long time since your biking accident when you were 16, huh?"

"Yeah," Kris quietly replied, "can you tell me why I'm here, because I'm not quite sure."

"You were in a car crash. You're pretty lucky you didn't die, Kris, because not only was it a horrible crash, but the driver was drunk. He slammed into your car head on going 90 miles per hour. He's most likely going to die."

"Wow," Kris choked out, his mind momentarily freaking out while processing that. "Wait....where's Adam?"

"He was actually there. He was caught in traffic because of your accident and all of a sudden popped up at the scene all worried for you. He was pretty stressed, but after I told him you were going to be fine, he felt a bit better and ran off upstairs."

Kris raised his eyebrow. "Upstairs? For what?"

"Oh," Dr. Rick said happily, "just to see the birth of your child."

"WHAT? Owwww!"

Dr. Rick giggled. "How's about we get some water for you before you hurt yourself anymore?"

"Tell me what you mean, first. Water isn't as important right now."

"Adam got a call from your surrogate. She went into labor, and if I'm correct, she should be having the baby any time now."

A wide grin spread across Kris's face. "You mean my baby's born?"

"Most likely. You should be hearing from Adam soon. Now, I'm going to go get you that water. Press the button on that little remote next to your bed if you need anyone."

"Thank you, Rick."

"You're welcome, Kris. Congrats."

For a moment, Kris just stared at the door with that same grin, his heart beating happily, not a care in his mind except for his little baby.

I'm a father now. Wow.


In the Delivery Room, Gia was laying in her bed with Adam by her side in a small chair, his brand new baby girl resting sweetly in her father's arms. Gia sighed and placed her hand on Adam's shoulder.

"You two look perfect together."

Adam smiled and then looked back to his daughter, sleeping soundly in his arms. "You know, I owe it all to you, Gia. Thanks so much for taking good care of our baby girl. I swear, I'll repay you one day."

Gia smiled warmly. "It was my pleasure, sweetie. I mean, it's so awesome to see moments like this. One day, I'll have my own child, but right now, I'm sticking to seeing a family united because of my help. You don't have to repay what-so-ever, Adam. The look in your eyes is enough of a reward."

"Gosh you are too good to be true. Gia...when Kris and I bring this baby home and begin to raise it, I don't want to not have you as a friend anymore. Is it possible we can still be friends even though you don't want to be known to our baby girl?"

"Of course," Gia replied in a quiet voice, "I'd love that. Not many parents do, actually. You know, it's a bit odd, but when parents like you guys ask to be friends...I feel with giving the baby to you. Your little girl, I have a feeling, is going to be loved more than I think she'll ever know in her young world. I just know you guys will make her feel special, and if it's not too much to ask, could...could I be there when you show her to Kris? I know she has to go and rest with all those other babies, but I really would like to see him see her before I go."

How could he say no? "Why would I not let you? Of course you can. He probably really wants to thank you."

Gia nodded and laid back into her pillows, her eyes closing softly. "Wake me when you show him."

With a giggle, Adam let out a quiet 'yes' before nuzzling his little girl in his arms.

"Your mommy is crazy. Hopefully you'll be more like me in that department."

"I heard that and no, she shouldn't."

"Go back to bed," Adam said laughing.

"Trust me kid," Gia said a bit louder, "be more like me!"


Three hours later, Kris was awoken to the sound of his room's door being open to reveal Dr. Rick, smiling bright as the sun.

"What's got you all happy?"

"Oh, you'll see. You've got some visitors."


First came Gia in on her wheelchair, who was being pushed by a nurse. She was placed near Kris, and as soon as she was at a stop, Gia reached out her hand and placed it in Kris's, giving it a small squeeze. Something inside Kris told him that something good had happened. By good, he meant that he had a feeling his little baby was going to be coming around the corner in those strong, loving arms of his beloved husband. Sure enough, he was right. Adam came in with a bright smile on his face and with a little pink bundle in his arms, his face full of joy at the moment. He walked up to Kris and, gently, placed their little girl in his arms, his face only growing happier as he saw Kris's face light up.

"Oh my goodness......this....this is our baby..."

"Our baby girl," Adam interrupted, "and she needs a name."

Kris giggled. "Of course she does. You have any name in mind?"

"You are not naming her Glitter, Adam, and that's final," Gia moaned in her chair, making the group erupt in laughter.

"I'm not that mean, Gia. I was thinking Hope."

"Hope?" Gia and Kris both said at the same time.

"Yeah, Hope. All through the pregnancy, Kris and I have been hoping she was going to turn out okay, then we were hoping that she would be born full term, and then I hoped I would see her be born. She's been centered around hope, so i think it's only fitting to call her just that."

Kris looked down at his daughter and watched as she quietly yawned and curled up closer to him. He instantly felt so attached to her, and after a moment of thought, it was decided.

"I agree. Hope Allen-Lambert. It's perfect."

"Hi Hope," Adam cooed to his little daughter, "I'm your daddy. Me and your other daddy Kris are going to take great care of you. We love you so much, sweetie. More than anything, baby girl."

"Yeah, what he said," Kris whispered to her, smiling as she gave a little cute grunt and a small sigh. "I love you too, Adam."

"Same here, Kris. Thanks for helping me get her."

"Thanks to you too, Adam."


And thus, from that day on, Adam and Kris and little Hope lived perfectly together forever, always with this day full in their minds.

 Sometimes, a blink of an eye can change your whole life. Hopefully, for the better.


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