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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this AMAZING banner :)

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Thanks to [ profile] groffiction for this AWESOME banner =)

Kris didn't really think his life could get much better than it already was now... )


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Much thanks to the amazing [ profile] groffiction for this awesome banner =)

A/N: Hey, sorry for late posting. Anyway, this chapter is kinda sad and scary. I'm sorry I did this to you guys {hides} but things must happen for my story to fulfill it's future, which will be happy.  just don't want to turn you guys away with sad stuff because well, you know how happy and fun this story can be! I just am kind of in a dead end on that issue. So, live with this chapter, and I hope to get the next part up ASAP. Enjoy =)
ETA: There is one scene were...I mention rape. JUST to warn you!

{Flash Forward: August 18th that year}

One day.

They only had one day before school started back up. But after a long summer together, why should they be sad about it? They had a crap load of sex (seriously, that's just expected), they spent all the time they could around each other, they constantly had days at the beach-Adam even got some sort of tan after a while-, and there was no homework to delay their time together. Yet one thing was kind of nagging them.

Bullies were coming. Screw what the teacher said about scared little freshmen. They weren't to be fooled.

If there were no bullies coming, then how come last year they were bullied? Huh?

Even with the promises of Ben, Allison, and Brad to protect them, the bullies didn't seem any less scary.

Who's to say that they wouldn't be worse this year?

Who's to say that they would even have some nice people?

Who's to say this year was going to be better?


"Oh, you, Mr. Lambert, are sooooooooooo sexy to me right now. Screw waking up early, make love to me."

Adam laughed from under Kris's grasp. "One, thank you. Two, even if we screw waking up early, you still have to be home by midnight. Your parent's orders."

"Do you want me or do you want to be a goodie-goodie? You're choice."

"What happened to you this past summer?"

Kris smirked and nuzzled close to Adam's chest in that cute way he always did.

"I learned from my master?"

"You are truly something. Just look at you, being all fiesty and on top of me. Summer's gotten the best of you."

"I want you to stop talking and let me kiss those new freckles," Kris grumbled, kissing a few lazily that were on his chest. Adam then groaned, pushing Kris off and shaking his head no, but that was not to stop Kris's attempts. Kris got back on top of Adam and got close to Adam's ear, a dangerous look to his face.

"I'm three seconds away from just doing this myself, Lambert."


Kris giggled as he was rolled on his back, his lover smiling at his ever clever self.

"Love you, sweetie."

"Love you too, annoying SOB."


Adam smirked and silenced Kris with his lips. "Shush and enjoy our last summer night."


One year.

It'd been one year since Kris had moved from good-ol' Conway to LA. It'd been one year since Kris had stumbled upon sitting next to Adam on the bus.

It'd been one year since true love was found.

Kris got on the bus that day like any other, his brother still waiting for the new Senior's bus to come to their house, and gazed around at the kids. He spotted Casey drawing a few pictures on her new notebook absentmindedly and Ben gazing out the window with a bored look. Then, finally, he saw him. Yes, Kris had seen Adam only a few hours before, but that didn't stop this moment from being as big as it was. He was sitting down in their usual seat listening to his iPod, totally unaware of Kris's presence. Kris walked right up to him, tapped him on the shoulder, and then smiled. Adam smiled back, his blue eyes glimmering brightly in the morning sun.

"Is this seat taken?" Kris said playfully.

Adam shook his head and shoved his backpack on the floor, patting the empty spot next to him.

"Not at all, cutie."

"Good morning, Adam."

"'Morning, Kris."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

"Ready for school?"

"Hell no."

"Want to make out before we get to school?"

"Hell yes."


By the end of the bus ride, Jamie, Gabby, Allison, and Brad all had made it on the bus, all smiling and excited. The moment everyone got up to get off, the group of friends all seemed to meet up outside, regardless of how much they knew each other. Even Ben was welcomed into the group even though Brad still wasn't too trustful of him.Then Adam and Kris walked off the bus hand-in-hand, hugging everyone hello the minute they stepped on to the concrete. It looked like they'd not seen each other in years, but the group didn't care.

For once, they weren't the lowest of the low.

The group walked in and saw many unfamiliar faces in the halls. There were tons of freshmen this year apparently. Tons of very short, young freshmen that seemed totally unlike them when they were freshmen. Heck, they all looked like they could be in 5th grade, but nevertheless, the group moved on, picking up their new schedules and dispersing to their respective mini-groups. That is, everyone except for Ben, who had no little group in this friend clump. He was new to them. An outcast of some sort.

"Hey Ben," Adam said cheerfully, "you can hang with us until you get a few friends. I'm sure you'll find a few of them you'll become friends with, but you're welcome to stay with us until then."

Ben smiled and nodded, sitting on the bench Adam and Kris were sitting on and turning his attention to the schedule in front of him.

"Homeroom first period," Adam mumbled to Kris.

"Math...advanced next period," Kris replied, giving a slight nudge with his elbow to Adam, acknowledging his change from normal to advanced math this year. Thank goodness, we're in the same classes now. No more weirdo football players who think chicken feet are a good variable to use in an equation.

"Science next," Ben added, earning a few nods from the two boys.

"Social Studies fourth period."

"Lunch next," Ben said with a funny grin on his face. He isn't that bad when he's not trying to plot to kill you, Kris thought to himself as he looked at the next period.

"We have English after that."

Adam looked at the next one. "I have Spanish next. Kris?"

"Spanish," he confidently said.

"Latin," Ben said a bit disappointed. Adam and Kris looked at him, feeling almost worried about him.

"That is hard you know," Kris said to Ben, "the teacher is a wack-job."

Ben smirked. "I know Latin by heart. My grandmother speaks it only. I've picked it up. This should be a piece of cake for me, regardless of the teacher."

Poor soul. "Okay," Adam replied, smiling at the next subject. "Last period is Music. Praise the Lord, it's the last class this year!"

"Oh YES!" Kris shouted in glee. "Thank God."

Ben raised his eyebrow at the two. "Why are you guys so happy it's the last class?"

"Because it's the best class and always is fun," Adam replied. "Plus, we won't get any crap for what we sing afterwords! Yes!"

Setting down his schedule, Ben laughed and rolled his eyes at the two.

"Ya'll are crazy."


"Attention class," their music teacher announced, "we are going to get rid of what they call 'sexual tension' this first week because we are all doing very sexy songs. That means that I'm expecting a very sexy song from every single one of you guys, and it must be good. Anyway, I suggest you people get started today! Oh, and may I say to you all, you can write one. I'm fine with that. Now go!"

Adam smirked and pulled Kris's chair close to his-enough that their arms were touching-and gave him a very deep kiss, tongue and all, before beginning. Kris looked at him, bewildered.

"Now what exactly was that for?" he said innocently.


Kris laughed. "You need no inspiration. Now are you singing Whole Lotta Love or what?"

Adam shook his head. "A song I head on the radio not too long ago. Let me just warn you," he said with an evil smile, "I'm gonna' play a little Love Game."

His eyes wide, Kris instantly realized what song his lover was going to do and nearly died at the spot. "No freakin way, Adam. Really?"

That devil smile gazed back at him in a taunting fashion that oddly ever appeared. "You think I can't win? Or do you think you can't win against me?"

"I'm thinking I won't make it through that performance that's what I'm thinking. You do know the lyrics to that song, right?"

"Yes," Adam said knowingly, "and they are perfect for this. Now shush up and worry about what you are doing for this, Kristopher."

Ben cleared his throat. "Um....can I sing Whole Lotta Love?"

Kris turned to look at Adam and then back at Ben. "You can sing that? Like, high notes and all?"

Ben blushed and shook his head. "I do my own version. It's acoustic. Eh, you'll see."

I'll still be sexier, Adam thought to himself as he quietly hummed along to the melody of Love Game. He then spotted Brad strutting down the halls with a sexy swagger going on and ran straight to him, snagging him just barely.

"Bradley, I need your help. I'm doing Love Game. You need to sing with me."Brad laughed. Heck, he freakin scoffed at Adam. "No mister, YOU need to create a song. I know the sex god inside of you is wanting to break out at help you create a song that will make Kris explode before you even start singing. Think deeply, Adam. Go ahead and let Gaga inspire you, but also add that Lambert touch I know you can do! And, if I must, I'll help with your little presentation. Oh, and don't tell Krissifer you switched. That's all going to be part of your little Love Game with him, sweetie," Brad said with a wink as he continued on his way down the hall. Kris wasn't gonna' know what hit him. Sexy song plus surprise equals minds blown.

 This was going to be perfect.


That night, after the whole day had flown by faster than they could imagine, Kris and Adam retired to Kris's home and bedroom, both laying on Kris's comfy bed and resting while the TV played in the background.

"Hey sweetie," Kris said smoothly, "are you using Brad in Love Game?"

"Nah," Adam replied coyly, trying to keep an unsuspecting tone to his voice as he let his lie slip, "he chickened out. But I bet some of the girls join me. Heck, maybe Brad will turn around. Who knows."

"Why won't you use me if it's a sexy song?"

"Well, what fun would it be if I can't sing to someone? I have to direct my eyes to look at someone if I'm singing about sexy things like a disco stick. S'not like I can grab yours on stage in front of the whole class."

Kris's face flushed, clearly defeated by Adam's words, and then turned away from his lover's own face shyly to hide in the crook of Adam's neck. Adam giggled.

"Aww I'm sorry I made you all hot and embarrassed by that. C'mere and give me a kiss."

Kris came out of his 'hiding spot' and placed a small kiss on Adam's lips before scurrying back into his crook. It was enough to make Adam smile, and that's all that really mattered to Kris. The tender pull between shyness and playfulness. That was his shtick, and he pulled it off ever so well against Adam. It's what makes Adam Yin and Kris Yang.

Fact of the matter is that they work together through their balance of those two.

"I'm mad I can't spend all night with you like we could during summer," Kris said faintly, his mind drifting other places as he spoke. "I'd love to feel that smooth black hair in my hands as we make love in the dim morning light, only to wake up worn out in each other's arms during the bustle of mid-day activities with those blissful looks on our faces that we always have. That's what I want."

Adam smiled and kissed the side of Kris's buried head. "You sound so tired and out of it. But I love when you're like that. You're the cutest then."

"Whatever you say. All I know is that we have no troubles now. I like Sophomore school better than freshmen school. Don't you, Addie?"

Again, Adam was forced to smile. He slowly got up, letting Kris gently fall into his pillows, and placed a loving kiss to his forehead as he tucked the covers under his tiny body.

"G'night Kristopher. Go to bed."

"'Kay," Kris replied, closing his eyes until they were shut tightly over his chocolaty brown eyes. Adam then walked to the door, leaving silently as his loving boyfriend drifted into unconsciousness safely in the sheets of his own bed. He crept out of the Allen household and stumbled to his new car he'd gotten over the summer, putting it in gear and hurrying out of the driveway. Cool rain began to pour, and it hit Adam's windshield lightly in a tiny yet calm beat. Adam sped down the road to his house, pulling into the driveway with a tired and worn-out expression on his face, and walking into his house with the same exasperated look. He didn't even bother to go to his bed. Adam stumbled to the couch he had, plopping down on the comfy cushions with ease, letting the darkness overwhelm him and welcome him into a deep sleep.

Little did he know, a certain someone wasn't going to have the same kind of calm night. In fact, it wasn't going to be even a bit as nice as his.

All thanks to the psycho Crystal and her longing for revenge.


Now, Adam normally was one to wake on his own, but on this day, he was awoken to the vibration of his cell phone rubbing against his kitchen counter. Lazily wiping his hand over his face, Adam turned to the clock to check the time.

4:30am. Great.

Stumbling over reluctantly, Adam snatched his cell from the granite counter top and unlocked the screen. There popped up 3 new messages from Kris. The first one seemed.....worried? Scared?

"Adam....there's something not right here...."

Adam then flipped to the next one, which, even though it was in the same size print as all the other texts, just didn't seem like Kris's writing. Adam read it intently.

"Adam, you better save me from this. Crystal wants revenge. I'm hurting from the pain of this."

What the hell does that mean?

The next text left Adam breathless.

"You could've stopped this. But you stayed asleep. Well, I hope you're happy with what you did."

Kris was in trouble.

He could just sense it.

Now, you would think that Adam would've just ran as fast as he could over to the Allen household to see if his lover was okay, but no, he didn't. Instead, Adam quickly dialed Ben's number, his heart pounding deep in his chest. Ben answered on the fourth ring.

"Adam, it's 4:30 in the morning! Why the hell would you-"

"Kris is in trouble. I just got a text that says I could've prevented something from happening. Ben, I think Crystal did something to him."

There was a slight pause on the other line, followed by the sound of other voices in the background.

"Adam," Ben replied calmly, "I'm glad you called me because my Dad's a police officer. That's kinda' why I'm so protective. Anyway, we're going over there to check it out. I suggest you come over, too, but you need to wait for us if you get there earlier. That person may be armed. Tell you're parents you're just heading out to his house and get over there."

Adam shivered at the thought of his poor baby being held at gunpoint and toughly responded by saying "See you there." and hanging up.

When it came to stuff like this, no one was going to knock Adam freakin Lambert down.


Ben arrived at the same time Adam did, both getting out cautiously to examine what was going on. Suddenly, a few more police officers other than Ben's father pulled up, all holding their guns tightly to their side in case that person was still there. Ben gulped at looked up at his father.

"Dad, make sure Kris is okay. Just get him the hell out of that place."

Ben's Dad nodded and motioned for a group of officers to head on in to the house. At first look you could see how the guy got in. He simply picked the lock and opened the door, apparently not caring to close it. The squad waked on in.

And then there was noise. Noise of men yelling for someone to get down on the ground and leave something alone.

"That something they're talking about is Kris," Adam said to Ben. Ben just nodded and kept his eyes glued to the front door, his eyes fiercely scanning the rest of the house.

Suddenly people were walking outside. Kris's parents and Dan were being sneaked through the back door to safety by another group of officers, not one of them looking un-harmed by this incident. Adam ran up to Kim and hugged her, feeling her warm arms wrap around his neck and hot tears trickle on to his shoulder from her worried eyes. He looked at Kris's father Neil then and saw sheer concern behind his tough appearance. He was worried for Kris. Hell, he seemed a few seconds away to running into that house and saving Kris himself. Just then, Adam felt his phone vibrate. He released Kim from his hug and took his cell out to check it. An unknown number was calling. Adam answered it, seeing Ben's father and a few cops trying to hear it too and find a location of who was calling.

This 'unknown caller' just had to be trouble.

"H-hello? Who is this?"

The person on the other line snorted as if this was funny.

"Who could it not be? It's Crystal, you big buffoon! And I'm not that happy with what you just did."

Adam heard Ben's father gasp and saw him motion for a few guards to go around to the back of the house. He then read the words "she's back there" off of his lips and froze.

"Hey jerk, answer me!"

"What the hell is your problem, Crystal?"

"Problem?" Crystal mumbled quietly to herself. "I have no problem with myself. I have one with you and how you have Kris."

"So you hurt Kris? And when the heck will you just get over it?"

He heard Crystal groan. "Never Adam. And I hurt him so that he can be mine."

"Like that would work."

"Oh it will. You'll see someday."

The sound of the officers then filled the other line, and Adam heard the other cell phone drop and the sound of a loud shriek come from where they were. It sounded like they had tazered her and that they had gotten her, and that was music to all their ears. They brought her out a few minutes later, struggling to stop her from fighting now that she had gained her senses back, and slammed her to the ground to handcuff her. Adam walked over to her against his better judgement and stared her square in the eye.

"Leave. Us. Alone."

"Screw you," Crystal replied. "Besides, I already had sex with him! So did my friend in there! Hell, I'll have his baby!"

I'll take that baby from you, too. "And do what with it? Use it as currency so you can get new clothes in jail?"

"Ha. I ain't going to jail!"


Ben's Dad rolled his eyes. "You're partially correct. You're not going to normal jail. You're going to jail a jail for psychos like you. Oh, and you'll be in a straight jacket, so good luck trying to get out!"

Crystal shrieked and kicked an officer in the leg. "NO! LET ME GO!"

Adam waved at her as she was thrown into a dark van that had pulled up moments before and got taken away. Then, the guy from inside was brought out, blood on his ripped shirt and his nose broken. Good job fighting, babe. An officer then ran up to Ben's father and spoke.

"Sir, the boy in their needs to be taken to a hospital. Come with me, please."

Ben's father, Adam, and Ben himself all followed-Kris's family being too fragile at the moment-and came through the door. They made their way to Kris's bedroom to find Kris laying on his bed, a towel covering his lower half of his body and new bandages covering his forehead and neck. Adam rushed over to Kris and just looked him over in horror.

"Kris...are you okay? What did they do to you?"

Kris slowly focused his gaze on Adam, a lone tear falling down his cheek.


"Bad things. And no..I......" Kris broke into sobs at that moment, barely saying "oww" as the tears fell. The sound of an ambulance filled their hearing, and soon EMT's were rushing in, pushing everyone aside to help Kris. Adam the whole time kept by his side, though, murmuring quiet words of re-assurement to him as the paramedics worked to help Kris on to their stretcher safely. Kris just kept crying, not even caring that he was hurt or that he was being talked to by a bunch of worried EMTs, He was too freaked out by what had just happened.

He had just gone through the worst experience he'd ever been through.

God knows that he hated every minute of it. He came because his body naturally reacted to it. It's not like he wanted to. Who would when a girl and a guy who you absolutely hate start forcing you to make love? Not even make love, but just have sex like that. Pure sex without love. He had tried to go against it, hoping that someone would come in and save him, but no, no one did, He was left to the dogs, you could say. The whole time he had prayed Adam would come to his rescue. He practically begged in every tear that he cried when Crystal's friend penetrated him brutally, holding that cold and hateful knife to his neck, promising it would all be over soon. By that, Kris thought he would either stop soon or that his heart itself was going to stop. Much to his bittersweet luck, he survived, only to be forced into pleasing the girl who he hated the most. He would have barely pleased her, making her just barely come, but that all changed he moment Crystal's friend brought out that knife again.

Basically, he just wished Adam had stayed with him that night.


"I'm so sorry baby," Adam said through tears, "I shouldn't have left. I should have stayed and protected you. I-""Shush," Kris said in a whisper, "it wasn't your fault. Trust me. No one could have prevented what happened. Yeah, maybe if you had stayed I wouldn't have been as hurt, but they still came, Adam, and you may have been hurt by them too. I would've hated that."

Adam sighed and looked into Kris's brown eyes sadly, seeing the pain that he was trying to hide clearly. It hurt him, and that was the thing he hated the most. Pain was not a good color on Kris.

"You want me to get you something to eat from the cafeteria?"

"Um...sure. Can I have ice cream?"

Adam smiled and got up from Kris's bedside, wiping the tears away as he left the room. Kris sighed.

I hope Adam doesn't ask me to have sex with him any time soon. All he knows is that they hurt me. He doesn't even know a thing. Gosh, why didn't they just kill me?

Moments later, Daniel walked in, his face a bit grim and sorrowful. Kris sighed.

"I'm alive Dan, you don't have to be all sad."

"You just got raped Kris. I think I have the right to feel worried for my little brother."

Kris rolled his eyes. "I ain't that little."

"Kris, I'm turning 18 this year. Next year I'll be in collage, far from where you can reach me. You're always going to be my little brother because you always rush to my side when you need help. Blame mom for having you last."

"You are so weird," Kris said quietly, "but I love you. I'm gonna miss you, Dan. Sorry I'm snapping at you about this. I guess I'm just being shaky."

Daniel smiled and patted Kris's head. "Forget it, Kris. It's fine. Anyway, um...are you gonna ever tell Adam about what happened? He really should know before you guys get into it and then you chicken out. The dude has feelings, you know."

"Adam is a big boy. He can respect if I ask him to not do something. All I have to do is tell him I'm not in the mood right then and he'll settle for a cuddle. Happens all the time. Besides, he can get out all the sexual tension when we get back to school and sing our 'sexy' songs. It's as simple as that."

Just then, Adam walked back in carrying a little bowl of ice cream in his hand, smiling at Dan as he entered through the doorway.

"Hey Dan," he said a bit more cheerfully than before "why are you here?"

"Oh, just to say hi to Kris before I head back home. Um.....see ya' Kris."

Kris nodded and managed to wave back, his face falling a bit. Adam plopped on a chair next to Kris's bed and dug a spoon into the nice chocolaty cream, holding it out for Kris to eat.

"Taste it, sweetie. It's delish."

"I bet," Kris replied, taking the small portion of the ice cream into his mouth and savoring the flavor of it's cool and smooth texture. Adam smiled.

"You like that, don't you?"

For a moment, Kris was okay and was about to answer him. Then, it all came to him and hit him like a giant wave.

"Oh Philip, you're making Kris all hot and bothered. I think you should go harder. He's not feeling it yet."

"Yes, I agree. K-kris, you're going to enjoy this."

"No, no please! Owwwww! Ah!"

"You like that, don't you? Yeah, don't ya'?"


Suddenly, everything seemed real again, and Kris noticed Adam worriedly looking into his eyes in search if what was wrong. Kris took a big deep breath and then let it out in a big sigh, preparing himsef for telling Adam about this.

"Sweetie, we need to talk."

Adam nodded and intently looked at him.

"Crystal and that loon.....they....they raped me, Adam. That's why I'm hurt."

Kris saw the fear and concern sweep through his eyes as his mind processed those words.

"Oh my gosh. Kris.....why didn't you or somebody else tell me?"

"I didn't want you to worry," he confessed, "and you seemed too stressed about what happened for me to feel safe with you learning of it. I just wanted you to not be scared out of your mind."

Adam sighed and kissed Kris's forehead gently, seeing the small flinch Kris tried to hide oh-so-much and wanting to cry.

"Never not tell me something like this, Kris. Never."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I know you were thinking with your heart on that one. Its just that your mind wasn't thinking when it should've. You know what, though?"

"What?" Kris said back weakly.

"I think it was sweet of you to do that. Even though I am mad that you didn't tell me earlier, I really am happy of how you were thinking of me the whole time. I promise, Kris, that we will work though this together until you can be 100% well again. I'll hate them for the rest of my life for doing what they just did to you, but that's not something to think about right now. Right now we need to focus on getting you well again and back at school with me and the group. Okay?"

Kris smiled and reached out his hand to feel Adam's warm and beautiful face under his shaky palm. As their skin met, Kris sighed. Adam's face seemed so much more inviting and just full of care and compassion. It could make him cry just by his touch. So soft and pretty.

 Just then, Adam slowly bent down and carefully kissed Kris on the lips, ignoring Kris's flinch this time completely. He slowly just kept the kiss going, praying that Kris would feel less scared as it went on. Suddenly, Kris pushed Adam away, immediately looking away from his face and just huddling in his bed. Adam gulped and stepped back a bit, giving him some space.

"Kristopher? Sweetheart, are you okay?"

Kris still didn't look at him, but he replied.

"We went too far too fast just then, Adam. Short kisses are all we should do for now, if any. I just.....don't feel safe...kissing you."

And as much as that hurt Adam to think about, he knew it was true. They needed time.

Luckily, that was a time he was willing to take.

Stupid Crystal and idiot loon with her. Oh well, at least they're going to be with their straight jackets and not with us for hopefully a while.

 I just hope Kris won't be like this forever.

To be continued.....


PS: Guys, I want you to know that I just really am in a corner about this situation with actually doing something other than lovey-dovey stuff. I want you to know that as a writer I do have to make conflicts and a plot, and even though I guess I may have gone a bit too far here, I do have to make a little *drama* within this story. Crystal isn't a kid on the playground who takes your swing. She's bad, and I had to do something about her. I also have to use some sort of drama or else it'd be pointless to keep writing this story. DRAMA IS PART OF THE FIC, and I really feel like I get yelled at or have readers that I ry to please turn away and not comment or go on. I feel guilty and sad when I do that. So, anyway, I'm gonna be like Adam was on the AMA's and say that although I'm not sorry I wrote it-considering the good that will soon happen because of this-, but that I am gonna be more...careful next time. I'm open to any suggestions you may have for me about what to do next time, so please tell me if you have any.

Many glittery hugs,

G-Rock <3

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Much thanks to the WONDERFUL [ profile] groffiction  for making this banner for us to enjoy!!!!!!!

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! I LOVED writing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

"Well class," their homeroom teacher said one last time to them, "Next year, you'll all be passed off to the sophomore teachers and will be just my science group. I want to say that, although it's been a hard freshman year for some of you-" All eyes went on Adam and Kris, but they just rolled their eyes and shook their heads. "-but, I can only say that it will keep getting better and better. I can't wait to see what you all will accomplish next year. Anyway, I wish you all luck! Goodbye everyone and good luck as Sophomores!"

And then, the final bell rang, sending everyone into just hugs goodbye and kisses from lovers.

For once, Adam was part of that group.

Snatching his sweetheart tight in his arms, Adam planted a big and wet kiss on Kris's lips, joy and pure love in his big blue eyes. Kris leaned into Adam's grasp, closing his eyes in pure happiness of the moment.


It's over.


"MOM!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE SOPHOMORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Adam came walking in with Kris at his side, giggling and totally blissed-out by the joy of summer. Leila smiled and hugged both of them joyously. Finally.

"Congrats you two!!!!!!!! And, uh....if you want can. Neil's off with some friend for the night to kick off summer."

Kris snorted. "Glad he is. I'm not being naked in this house with him near."

"Says who, mister? If I want you to be-"

"Boys," Leila said, a smirk in her voice, "let's not talk about that stuff right now. Anyway, why don't you two chill on the couch for a bit until I start dinner. Holler if you need me!"

Once Leila was gone, Adam and Kris flopped on to the couch -Adam first, of course- and began to watch TV. Suddenly, Adam got a text from Neil.

"Mom is probably gonna kill me."

Adam let out a small groan -that Kris had mistaken for pleasure much to his luck- and then texted back.

"Why would she?"

Neil replied quickly. "'Cause I did something a bit.....crazy."

"Crazy as in what?"

"Crazy as kiss my friend..."

To Adam, a kiss was nothing really, unless with Kris or his parents. It was a show of love or curiosity. Leila had told that to him a long time ago, and it still stuck with him today. So, when he read the text, Adam kind of laughed. This kid is a handful.

"Mom won't kill you for a kiss, Neil."

"Will she kill me for kissing his sister?

Adam groaned. "Neil, are you going crazy? First you say you're gay, then you go out and kiss a girl? What is with you?"

He got a reply a little while later. "I don't know what the heck I am, Adam. I liked kissing Kris, I liked kissing my friend, and I liked kissing his sister, too. All just as much. If there's some sort of name for that, then tell me, 'cause right now I feel like a freak."

"Neil, you're just getting confused. Hell, I kissed some girls when I was younger. Just don't get too ahead of yourself. I guess all I can say is experiment. You're 13. Give it some time. Now, I gtg because Kris is asleep on my leg and I should do something about that. Bye."


Adam set down his phone and looked down at the now sleeping Kris. His arms were holding Adam close like a pillow and he was sort of hugging his legs. He just looked super comfortable at the moment.

"Dang you're cute," Adam whispered, petting Kris's hair lightly with his hand. Kris shifted a bit, but stayed asleep. A smile had appeared on that little face, and that was all Adam needed to feel at peace. Summer finally was here, and now they could be at ease. No bullies, no trouble-minus Neil-to worry about, and just plain relaxation time with his love under the sun. What more could he ask for?

This summer was surely going to be one of his favorites.


{Flash Forward to June 21st of that summer}

Kris knew that day was coming. His sweet 16. All that night leading up to his birthday, Adam had hung out with him at his house, kissing him and telling him just how excited he was for tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is now, and the moment Kris woke up, he even felt excited.

Kris did his usual morning routine-showering,  brushing his teeth, getting dressed-and then went to check his cell. He saw he had 5 texts. Smiling, he read them one by one.

"Happy Birthday Kristopher!!!!!!!! Hope Adam makes you happy today ;) xoxo Brad"

Kris laughed. That's so Brad.

"Happy B-day bro! <3 Allison" Kris giggled and read the next one.

"Hey Kris! Happy B-day from Jamie, Gabby, and I! luv ya! Casey :)"

Smiling, he looked to the next, a bit surprised by the sender. "Hey Kris, it's Ben. Hope you have a good birthday, buddy! See ya!"

Then, Kris turned to the final text, the most recent one, and opened it quickly.

"I suggest that you get your butt over here in your bathing suit ASAP. You deserve a sexy and fun sweet 16. See ya' there."

As if the day couldn't get any better than to hear his boyfriend as him to come see him, Kris saw a pair of brand new dark blue swim trunks laying on his dresser with a little note from Adam saying 'Happy Birthday' to him. He took them and put them on, checking in his mirror to see how he looked, slid on his black flip-flops, slid on a white sleeveless shirt, and then walked out to the living room. Instantly, Kim was hugging him, yelling 'Happy Birthday!' loudly into his ear and kissing his face everywhere. Dan was sitting on the couch smiling, and his father was sitting in his chair staring at the TV blankly. Kris chuckled and yanked his mother off him.

"Thanks Momma. Calm down before you have a heart attack!"

Kim laughed and sat back on the couch, wrapping her arm around Daniel.

"Um....Momma, Adam texted me and wants me to come over. I'll be home before dinner so that we can celebrate then. I promise."

"But Kris," Kim said sadly, "we were gonna take ya' on a trip to the Hollywood strip to go sight-seeing and stuff!"

Damn. "Momma...Adam seems to have really planned something...It'd kill him if I bailed out, probably."

Neil glared at him angrily. "Kristopher Neil Allen, you will not blow off your family for Adam! Now go and get ready to go to Hollywood."

"Wait," Daniel said, "Kris, could you see if we could come along with you guys? I mean, knowing Adam's family, they're bound to come with you two."

"Sounds fine to me," Kim said. Neil just nodded and motioned for Kris to go call.

I hate this. "Fine, I'll go call him."

Kris walked back to his room and grabbed his phone, groaning as he reluctantly typed Adam's number. He wasn't happy about this one bit. Well, let's screw sexy! Adam answered on the second ring.

"Kris," he said a bit surprised, "why are you calling?"

"Why don't you ask that to my family?"


Kris groaned again. "My family had this sight-seeing thing in Hollywood planned today and my Dad forced me to go."

"Oh hell no. So you can't come to see me?" Adam's voice sounded so disappointed. Apparently, he really was looking forward to this.

"Not exactly. You see, Daniel came up with the idea where they come along to wherever we are going. So, as long as they come along, I can come."

"That sucks."

"I know."

With a little laugh at Kris's enthusiasm, Adam sighed and replied back to his lover.

"Okay, well at least everything won't be that messed up by this. Besides, there's plenty of things to do at the beach that they-"


All that could be heard on the other line was the guffaws from Adam as he enjoyed Kris's excitement.

"Bye sweetie."


It was 11:45am by the time Kris and his family reached the beach. The sand and water looked beautiful that day, as it should, and just invited everyone to come. Luckily, though, not many people were there. Actually, there were only a couple families strung along the sandy shore as their little children played at the water's edge and built sand castles. The place was freakin gorgeous.

Once Kris's family all was out and sun-screened up, the group marched up to the sand from the parking lot, smiling at the nice view it gave. After a minute of searching, Kris saw Adam and his family all set up a few feet up shore in the nice white sand. Leila was drinking a cutesy margarita with an umbrella in it, Eber was cooking on a little mini-grill he had brought along, Neil was fiddling around with a sandcastle he had made, and Adam was laying on a lounge chair under a large beach umbrella, head back, relaxing to the calm sound of the waves. He had on blackish swim trunks, a very see-through cover shirt, and dark sunglasses. 

Gorgeous as hell, I tell you.

Kris suddenly ran from his family's group and crept up to where Adam was laying, sneaking right behind him and taking off his shades with a smirk. Adam giggled and reached for them back, getting a simple head shake 'no' from Kris, who then got out from under the umbrella and taunted him.

He wanted this to be a chase.

Slowly getting up from his chair, Adam got up and walked calmly towards Kris, a smirk now also appearing on his freckled face. Kris winked and then sped off down the beach, an evil laugh coming from his lips as he ran. Adam sprinted after him, chasing past a few unsuspecting families and over a few old and abandoned sandcastles. Finally, about 60 feet from where their families were, Adam caught Kris, tackling him to the ground and successfully obtaining his sunglasses back. Adam giggled.

"Happy Birthday, Kristopher."

Placing a small kiss on Adam's cheek, Kris smiled.

"Thanks babe."

The two walked back hand-in-hand down the beach with big smiles plastered on their faces, ignoring the occasional looks from a few of the families they passed. Suddenly, a little girl they passed looked at them at called them over to her. When they got back to her, she smiled.

"You two want to build sandcastles with me? My mommy is too worn out to. Plus, she's got my baby brother inside her, so she's always tired. So, pleeeeeeeeeeeease can you play?"

Looking over to the little girl's mother, who was planted under her umbrella with a smile at the two's faces. She motioned for them to go on and play, so they did.

"Of course," Adam said in his sweetest voice, "we'd love to! What's your name?"

"Marcie, but my real name is Marcella. I like Marcie better. Who are you two?"

Kris warmly smiled at the little girl and knelt down to her. "Well, I'm Kris and that's Adam," he said pointing to his lover beside him. Marcie smiled and started playing around with the loose sand around her, a small frown appearing on her face.

"Guys, this sand stinks. Why won't it stay together???"

Adam laughed and sat down next to her, taking one of her toy shovels in his hand. "Because this is dry sand. Dry sand doesn't like to stay together. But wet sand does, and there's two ways we can get it. First, by digging deep into the sand to get it out." Adam took the shovel and began digging, hitting some wetter sand about a foot down. "Second, by taking some water from the ocean and mixing it with sand." Kris took her bucket and ran down to the water's edge, filling the bucket up about halfway, and then came back. He sat down and poured some of it into the dry sand. At first, the sand looked muddy, but then it turned a bit harder, and it started to become perfect for building. Marcie smiled at the two.

"You guys are smarties! So, smarties, what do we do next?"

Smiling at Kris, Adam grabbed another bucket of hers and started to fill it with sand. "Well, you just put the wet sand into a bucket and..." Adam then took the bucket packed with sand and flipped it over quickly, pressing it lightly into the sand, hoping it would work. Then, he slowly took the bucket off, and sure enough, a perfect sandcastle was standing before Marcie. She giggled and clapped her hands, simply delighted. She then took the same bucket and did exactly what Adam had done before, grinning ear to ear when another perfect sandcastle stood next to the other. Adam and Kris both clapped for her, earning a big hug for both of them from the small auburn-haired girl. With a short goodbye and mouthed 'thank you' from Marcie's mom, Adam and Kris were set free, both resuming their walk back. Soon enough, they got back, Leila and Kim smiling at them.

"You boys are too sweet," Leila said, clasping her hands together in pleasure, "playing with that little girl like that? I'm so proud of you boys."

Kim nodded and walked back over to where Leila had been drinking her margarita and sat down in her beach chair that now was next to hers. Leila followed her and sat, chatting along happily about something that the boys didn't care about. Adam and Kris then looked over to where Neil was, seeing Daniel play happily along with him at trying to capture a poor crab that was just merrily walking by in the sand. Then they looked to where Eber was, seeing him obsessing over his grill with the somehow happy Neil Allen. Suddenly, Kris was pulled to the side by Adam, getting a big bear hug from him and a small kiss. Kris laughed.

"A little happy, are we?"

A twinkle came in Adam's eye. "Far from a little, Kris. Now, I didn't get to put on any sunscreen, you help?" Adam's eyebrow shot up and a sexy look appeared on his face. Kris giggled and dragged Adam over to a spot beside Neil and Daniel's chase of the crab, laying a beach towel from his parents on the ground, motioning for Adam to get on it. Adam did and took off his cover shirt, tossing it aside to reveal part of his gorgeous body. he then laid down on the towel, shutting his eyes and sliding on his sunglasses. Kris took the bottle of sunscreen from the sand and opened it, pouring a small amount of lotion on to his hands. He then placed his hands on Adam's back, lovingly massaging the sunscreen into Adam's back, a few moans getting uttered in sheer delight.

Over where Neil and Daniel were playing around with the crab, Neil noticed his brother and Kris near them and stopped playing, a frown appearing on his face. Dan soon noticed and looked at the two, not understanding what the problem was.

"Hey buddy," he said to Neil in a bit of concern, "are you okay?"

"Why does Adam get to be so lucky?"

"Lucky? How?"

Neil crossed his arms and looked to Daniel innocently. "He gets to have someone who loves him and doesn't think he's a freak. Plus he has Kris."

Daniel looked to Neil in confusion. "'re jealous he has Kris? Why should you?"

"Because I think Kris is cute, okay? I don't think I'm full out-and-proud gay but I do think Kris is hot and heck, he started this. I like him and that's that."

"So trying to break Kris away and being jealous of Adam is gonna change things?"

"Maybe," Neil said quietly, "but I know I'll never get Kris. I just want someone like Kris for me. A lot."

Dan smiled. "You're not gay, Neil, you're just a very confused kid who just wants love. Who knows, you may find that someone like Kris that is a guy, but that someone could also be a girl. Neil.........I think you should just stop and wait until you're older to really think about stuff like this. You're young right now. Understand?"

Smiling, Neil nodded and hugged Dan, looking over to Adam and Kris enjoying themselves. "Thanks Daniel."


"Adam, stop freaking out, it's just seaweed."


Adam was on the edge of the water picking out pieces of seaweed that had gotten in his hair when they scubba-dived just minutes before. Kris was leaning on Adam's shoulder next to him with a big smile on his face as his love picked seaweed paranoidly out of his raven-black hair while the wind attacked it. The sun was only a few minutes away from setting, and their day on the beach was sadly coming to and end. Everyone was all ready to go, but were staying to see the sun hit the water. Kris nudged Adam's arm, making Adam turn to look into his eyes.

"Hey, remember in 'Pirates of The Caribbean' how they said that every time the sun sets and you see a green flash, a soul has just been released from Davy Jones' Locker?"

"Of course," Adam said calmly, the last few pieces getting out of his hair.

"Well, I wonder if we'll see it tonight."

Getting the last piece out from his hair, Adam smiled and shivered a bit as the cool water hit his toes.

"It's your birthday, after all. They've got to free a soul on an occasion like this!"

Kris laughed and began to cover part of his leg under sand. Adam just gazed into the sky as the pink and orange colors painted a beautiful picture on the clouds. The wind became rougher and the water inched closer. The tide was coming in. Yet, the boys stayed in place, letting the nice cool water cover their legs inch by inch. Suddenly, the sun began to set into the water. Adam and Kris smiled and gazed at the sun, watching it sink slowly into the water. Finally, it was ready to dip below the horizon. Kris watched extra closely, waiting for that green flash anxiously.


It was small, but Kris and Adam both saw the little green flash just as the sun disappeared into the water. So rushed by their excitement, the two kissed. Adam had his hand resting around Kris's neck and Kris had one hand in the sand to prop him up and one hand on Adam's shoulder, lovingly holding him close. You could say sounded like it was a scene from a movie, but to Adam and Kris, it was real.

Oh so awesomely real.


To be continued..............

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A/N: Hey guys :) I really hope you like this one :) And I also hope that you forgive me for that awful cliffy I gave you last week! =) So, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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