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I am watching NASCAR. Forgive me that I incorperate that into Brad's mind. 0_0 )
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A/N: Okay, I'm sorry in advance for giving you yet ANOTHER cliff hanger (hold on tight [ profile] cunningdeb! lol), but it just had to be said. Sadly, you'll probably have to wait until next weekend to find out what happens next! As said, this chapter is shorter than the one before (I but it is pretty eventful. It might get a little sad at the end, but trust me, once the whole Hailey/Crystal shooting showdown happens and the baby is born, this will get much happier. A baby always brings happiness! :) Plus, you'll get to see a little payback to Crystal ;) Karma will come back and bite her in the butt, basically. So, anyway, enough with the previews, read on and enjoy!

Oh, and GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!! XD

I am such a big cliff hanger user lately :P )
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A/N: Okay, so, just for you to know, the next part of this chapter will be up tomorrow. It's a big day, Superbowl and all, but I'll get it done. It'll be short I think, so don't be too rallied up, but just know it'll be there :) Sorry for this cliff hanger!!!! (yes [ profile] cunningdeb, you now have to deal with them like the rest of us ;D) Anyway, enjoy!!!!
Leila knew Kim wasn't always the first to think things through, but she didn't know she'd be this crazy when doing something spontaneous.  )
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A/N: Sorry for later update! I was so busy this week and had no time and everything, so I've been busily working away! :) I hope you like this. It's kinda rushed and more of a filler chapter than a plot chapter. But, I hope you enjoy!
"Adam, Kris, this is David...." )
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Hailey walked into the prison gate with the gun and a smile on her face... )
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A/N: My first published Klaine fic! Just because it'll probably happen, any of my Kradam followers who read my other stories in that fandom are totally free to read this =) I know that a lot of you may not know about this whole fandom, but who knows, you may just like it =) Also, thank you [ profile] saar_fantasy , because you and me both know I had no clue how to do an LJ cut until I asked you! XD

For the readers at Kurt_Blaine, I REALLY hope you guys enjoy this! I'm a LONG time reader (you may have noticed a comment from me here and there :D) that decided to give a try at writing something about these two adorable boys! I'm hoping to write other things too in the future, so, look out guys! :) Just wanna' say how much fun ya'll {oh my gosh I said ya'll 0_0} have made this fandom be and how much I thank you guys for it!

Now all of you guys, ENJOY! =)
Enter the dragon....LOL )
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"Hey David, we need you to take a case downtown since Garther is on vacation... )
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It wasn't like any day.............. )
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A/N: Just thank God for oddly perfect songs I just randomly find when I'm not even looking for them! Jar of Hearts is a beautiful song that, just this weekend, I finally really listened to. It oddly fits well in this chapter, and heck, throughout the whole story. I recommend listening to it while reading, because.....well...It just works and will make you understand what Kris is feeling better. So, as the plot ensues, ENJOY! <3

"You understand your goal, Tommy...." )
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"Adam...." )


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Kris didn't really think his life could get much better than it already was now... )


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Julie was a ball of energy after getting ice cream..... )
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What the hell are you doing here, Kris...... )


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The gentle morning light lit Adam's bedroom in a nice and calm halo of warmth and peace.... )
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"Oh Brad...." )
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"Daddy! Daddy, can we go buy some pumpkins?" Nine year old Jessie asked Adam, her famous and loving father who's husband had died a few years before. Adam smiled and bent down to meet his four year old son Ryan's eyes, seeing Jessie's face fall a bit.

"Ryan, do you want to go get some pumpkins?"

Ryan shook his head and looked up at Jessie with wide eyes.

"She'll throw pumpkins at me Papa."

Adam rolled his eyes and picked up his son, allowing him to be cradled in his arms like he loved to be.

"I'm pretty sure Jessie wouldn't do a thing like that. She'll be a good girl at the pumpkin patch, right Jessie?"

Jessie nodded eagerly, crossing her heart with her little fingers in promise. Adam looked at his son who still didn't look convinced, sighed, and began walking to the front door of their mansion of a house.

"C'mon Jessie. Those pumpkins don't stay there forever!"

"YES!" Jessie yelled, quickly pulling on her coat and running up to the front door next to her father. "Thank you Daddy! I promise I won't be bad."

Adam smirked at his little girl as he opened the door.

"We'll see about that one."


Waiting at the pumpkin patch for their turn to go pick a pumpkin, Adam and his two children were anxious and giddy. Jessie looked to Adam and sighed.

"I want to get a pumpkin now, Daddy."

Adam looked at his watch and took a glance at the line ahead of them. There were at least five families before them.

"Sweetie, would you mind if we went to the grocery store and got pumpkins? There sure is a lot of people who got here before us."

Jessie shook her head. "No Daddy. I want to pick my own pumpkin in the patch. We've done it like that ever since I can remember, and I don't want to stop just because more people are in a line before us. I'm staying."

"You just had to have my persuasive gene, didn't you?" Adam muttered under his breath, gazing at the other families near him. Suddenly, his eyes spotted a man and what looked like his sister. They were two families ahead of his own family, and they were happily chatting away, occasionally laughing and goofing around. He looked about his own age-maybe younger-and had the shiniest brown hair Adam had ever seen.

He was hot.

Ryan yawned. "Papa, can you sing a song to us while we wait?"

Adam shook his head laughing. "Ry, I can't sing in front of all these people. They'll recognize me. It's not like I wore this hat and sunglasses to look stylish, sweetie."

Jessie giggled. "That's for sure."

"But I want to hear a song," Ryan went on, "and you are the only person who can sing good to me."

"He's got ya' there, Daddy," Jessie agreed, "you know every song he likes.

With a groan, Adam knelt down and picked Ryan up, bringing him close and hesitantly checking to see if people were watching. Much to his luck, no one was, and the line had moved up a few families. In fact, the brown hair guy was in, searching with his blond sister playfully. I hope he listens to me.

"People say I'm the life of the party because I make a joke or two. Although I might be laughing loud and hearty, deep inside I am blue, yeah, yeah. So take a good look at my face, you'll see my smile looks out of place, if you look closer it's easy to trace the Tracks of My Tears."

Ryan smiled and cuddled closer to Adam, waving at the man at the gate as he let them into the pumpkin patch. Jessie tugged at Adam's coat eagerly.

"Daddy, can I go get my pumpkin now?"

Adam nodded and set Ryan down. "Watch your brother and don't let him leave your side! I'm going off to get my own somewhere else. Okay sweetie?"

Jessie smiled and dragged Ryan along with her, giggling and playing around with her brother in the cool grass. While his kids ran off, Adam went to try and find the cute brown haired guy. Suddenly, he felt a tap on the back. When he turned around, that blond girl he remembered seeing with the brown haired boy. She smiled brightly.

"Hi, um....I just wanted to say to you that me and my friend really think your singing was great. I mean, I know you were just singing for your kids, was really good!"

Adam smiled. "Thank you very much. Tell your friend that, too."

The girl giggled. "Okay, you're gay, right?"

With a kind smile, Adam nodded.

"Well, my friend is gay too, and well.....he kind of has a crush on you."

"Then I guess we are on the same page, huh?"

The blond smiled happily. "Oh, he's gonna be thrilled about that! Would you mind coming and saying hi to him? He really would like, die."

Adam smirked. "Take me to him. I'd love to meet him."

"Follow me! Kris! Kris!"

Adam followed the blondie through some tall grass all the way up to 'Kris' and came face to face with him, seeing him blush immediately.

"Kris," the blondie said happily, "I want you to meet...uh..."

"Adam," he said kindly, staring Kris right in the eye. The blondie giggled.

"I'm gonna leave you two be. I'll go get a pumpkin for Kim myself. Talk to ya' later!"

Once she left, Kris sighed, leaning against a tree nearby.

"Katy is so embarrassing sometimes," he said quietly to himself. "I'm sorry she went and interrupted you and you family. I say one thing about you looking good and.........."

Adam smirked. "It's fine, Kris. My kids are off probably fighting over who's pumpkin is better or something ridiculous like that. It's not like I have much to do! Besides, guys as cute as you can take all the time you want from my time."

Kris blushed again. "I like your voice. sing good."

"Katy told me."

"I love that song," he shyly said, "it's one of my faves. It was ever since Adam Lambert sang it on American Idol a few years ago on the year he won. Katy, my friend, my mom Kim, and I all watched him and voted like, every week after he sang that."

Adam smiled. I guess I could go on with this for a little while longer. Besides, I like making him blush.

"I think he was great, too. Really worked his butt off to sing and look that good on TV. What a guy, huh?"

Kris nodded and looked down at his feet. Adam took this as a chance to ask him out.

"Hey Kris....would you like to go out sometime?"

A bright smile graced Kris's face. "I'd love that. Maybe we could go to-"


Suddenly, Jessie and Ryan came running up to their father, excited looks on both of them.

"Daddy, we found the BEST pumpkins EVER over by this one bush. We hid them so no one can get them, but we need you to help pick them up. Besides, Ryan can't pick up a stinking pumpkin to save his life."

"Can too!" Ryan shouted back. "I just couldn't because your big head was blocking the sun's energy I use to be strong like Superman!"

"Superman isn't real, Ryan."

"Is too."

"Is not!"

"Is too!"


"HEY," Adam snapped, making the two be quiet instantly and face him. "Stop fighting. Now go to the pumpkins and wait for me there. I'll be with you guys in a minute."

Jessie looked at Kris and then rolled her baby blue eyes. "Oh great, you're trying to replace Dad again."

Kris turned and looked to Adam confused. "Who?"

Adam sighed. "Run along, Jess, and take your brother with you."

"I'm telling grandma, though!" Jessie yelled as she and Ryan left the two alone. Adam sighed.

"I knew this would come up," he said quietly. "My...husband died a few years ago in a car crash. Jess was 4 and Ryan just was born a few weeks before. Basically, every time I try to date someone, Jessie gets all defensive of him and makes me feel utterly guilty for even trying. I hate it."

Kris frowned. "Awww....she sounds like she just misses him. I heard somewhere that kids who lose a parent are usually paranoid about not having them be replaced. She might be like that."

Adam sighed and quickly wiped a small tear that had fallen from his eye before he continued.

"I guess so. Gosh, I just feel so...helpless at raising them. I'm not meeting their expectations, I'm not being able to give them things they should be able to have and enjoy, I'm starting to mess up my music career-"

Kris suddenly gasped, covering his mouth immediately in shock.

"Oh my gosh, you're Adam Lambert! The singer! I'm sorry that I totally just ignored you just then it's just that.....oh my gosh, I said all that about how I adored you on TV....oh what an idiot...."

For a moment, Adam chuckled.

"You caught me."

"Oh I'm sorry," Kris said, "I'm being totally insensitive. Screw all that for a moment. Adam, you just are still adjusting to living on your own. Two kids can be a burden. Gosh, I feel so sorry for you."

Adam sighed. "It's fine. Besides, I usually have people that look after them when I'm gone or something. I make it work."

"Would you mind if I helped?"

I'm going to give those kids giant bowls of ice cream later for this!

"I'd love that. Besides, I could use another cute pair of hands around the house....."

Kris blushed again, covering his face with his hands and letting out a loud groan.


Adam giggled and patted his back. "It's fine, Kris. Cute, also. Well....I better go and see if my kids have killed themselves yet. Here's my number," he said, handing Kris a small paper with his number, "call me at noon tomorrow. I'll see if we can use some help then..."

Kris nodded and graciously smiled. "Thanks, um...I will call! Uh....see ya'?"

With a nod, Adam smiled, kissed Kris's cheek quickly, and then headed off in search of his two crazy children, leaving Kris to stare on all dumbstruck like a teen after his or her first kiss. He ran as fast as he could towards where he remembered seeing Jessie drag Ryan before. Soon, he came up near a big bush where Jessie and Ryan were playing around with a small grasshopper that sadly had chosen to lay under that bush this fine day. Adam smiled.

"Will you two leave the poor thing alone?"

Jessie raised her eyebrow while her little brother backed away from the small bug obediently. "But what if I don't want to?"

"Do you want to watch your brother eat mint ice cream just covered in warm chocolate syrup and little pumpkin sprinkles while you sit with nothing?"

With a look of horror, Jessie immediately abandoned the bug and flew to her father's side. Adam smirked, taking his daughter's hand as he walked over to where the pumpkins sat. Seeing the two big pumpkins his kids managed to find, Adam became impressed. They were big, plump, and looked full as heck of seeds.

"Wow guys," he said with a smile, "you both really did a good job at picking your pumpkins! I can't wait to seed all the seeds inside them tomorrow!"

"And I can't wait to have that boy over to help us!" Ryan exclaimed, barely missing his sister's slap she gave in response.

"Be nice, Jess, Papa picks good people. He said every boy he brings home loves us, no matter what, and I like people loving me, so don't be a meany to them!"

Jessie frowned, crossing her arms in frustration and snuggling into her golden hair.

"Of course you love everyone. You're just like Daddy."

Adam smirked and picked up the two pumpkins on the ground into his strong, freckled hands.

"And Ryan's good for being like that. Being mean isn't nice, and you know it Jessie. Kris, that boy, is going to come over tomorrow to help us carve pumpkins. Sound good?"

Ryan jumped up clapping, running happily through the tall grass as his sister dragged behind Adam sulking.

"He's a good one, baby girl," Adam whispered to his young daughter when he noticed a tear on her face, "I know he would've approved."

"We'll see."


The next morning, the Lambert kitchen was full of the smell of warm pancakes, juicy bacon, chocolate milk, and the sound of the small family chatting happily around the table.

"I can't wait to show my friends my new Star Wars costume, Papa! I bet they'll be sooooo jealous!" he said eagerly, snapping a few bites of his bacon between breaths. Adam grinned at his little boy and ruffled up his smooth, dark brown hair, giggling when Ryan groaned and began to fix it.

"You'll be the talk of the town. How about you, Jess?"

"Huh?" Jessie said, popping out of some reverie she had previously been in.

Adam repeated, "How about you, Jess? Are you excited about showing your outfit to your friends?"

Jessie sighed. "I guess."

Ryan gasped and looked at his father. "She's not excited to be Madonna, Papa!!!!!! Are you sure she's related to us?"

"Shut  up, twerp!"

"Why should I, meany?"

"Kids," Adam said patiently, trying to keep hold of the situation before it went haywire, "calm down and eat."

"No! Not when you are trying to replace MY Papa!"

Ryan looked at Jessie confused. "Huh? Jess, he's our Papa."


Adam stared at his daughter with his mouth wide open. Why the heck did she just tell him? Is my daughter TRYING to make my life harder? Angrily staring at her father, Jessie got up from the table, pushed her chair in roughly, and sped off to her room, her long golden locks swaying fiercely as she sped down the hallway.


"NO!" Jessie screamed through tears, slamming her door hard enough that Adam could feel the house shake. He then turned to his little boy who was innocently looking up at him with his big eyes.

"Sweetie.....can you go to your room for a minute and play?"

"I had another Papa?"

Adam sighed and nodded. "Yes sweetie. He left to where your fishy went a little while ago just after you were born. I...I didn't want you to know about him."

Ryan looked down. "Oh. Um, Papa?"

"Yes sweetie?"

"Do you need a hug?"

Adam smiled at his son and opened his arms wide, engulfing him tightly in his arms, feeling those two small arms wrap around his neck in that way he liked it.



"Was he anything like me?"

Adam sighed and pulled back to see his boy's face. "He had the same hair as you. He also was a big, strong boy just like you who wasn't afraid to get a bit dirty or prettied up. He had Jessie's eyes and her smile. He looks like both of you."

Ryan gave Adam a big smile. "Is that bo-I mean, is that Kris like him at all?"

"I think so," Adam said, nuzzling his son close to him, "I also think that your sister will like him when she gets to know him."

"I hope so. He looked nice."

A big smile appeared on Adam's face, and he gently placed a kiss on his son's forehead.

"I love you, Ryan. You're the best little boy a Papa could have."

Ryan kissed Adam's cheek. "I love you too, Papa. And you are the best Papa a Ryan could have."

Suddenly stopping the father-son moment, Adam's cell rang. Ryan hopped off of his father's leg, grabbed the phone, and gave it to him with a proud smile. Adam thanked him and then answered.


"Hey," the cute voice on the other line said, "it's Kris."

Adam smiled and hugged his son close. "Hey Kris. Um...why are you calling?"

"I know I was supposed to wait for you to call," he replied dorky, "but I, uh, kind of um...couldn't stop thinking about you."

So freakin cute. "Aww, no need to be embarrassed. Anyway, you kind of called at the perfect time. Jessie is having a little crisis and well....I may go mad if this goes on like it is."

Kris laughed. "I'll be on my way. Just keep your hair on!"

Adam and Ryan giggled. "My son and I apparently will try our hardest to! See ya'."

"See ya'!"


"Jessie, please open up this door."


"Please honey, Kris will be over any second! We're gonna carve pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds and maybe play outside a bit.."


Grumbling, Adam stepped away from the door and plopped down on the couch in his living room next to his son with a great sigh. Ryan giggled and started playing with his father's hair.

"Need rest, Papa?"

Adam nodded. "I need someone to tame the lion in there."

"Yeah," Ryan agreed, "she's being a little crazy. I know she misses her old Papa, but why wouldn't she like a new one? It's not like he'd be angry that you found someone new. Besides, didn't grandma say that when a person is sent to replace someone who died, the person up in the sky wants them to have them?"

He's so smart. "Grandma is 100% right. It's just a little hard for Jessie, though, because she was so attached to him. Just like you are to me."

Ryan nodded intently. "I would be like Jessie if you had died. I'd be worse, though. You're too good of a Papa."

"Aww," Adam said, hugging his son tight, "you are so cute."

Suddenly jolting them from their conversation, the door bell rang. Thank God he's here! He ran as fast as he could to the front door, Ryan at his heels, and opened the door with a big smile. Kris was dressed handsomely in a nice brown turtleneck and dark skinny jeans that hugged his legs perfectly. Kris blushed.

"Ummm......hi Adam."

"Hi Kris!"

Kris giggled. "'re wearing a robe..."

Adam froze and looked down at his outfit. He is soooooo lucky that clothes don't turn me on that much.

"Oh my gosh.......I'll right"

Kris again giggled, walking inside as Adam sprinted away embarrassed to where his room was supposed to be. He walked towards the kitchen when all of a sudden, Adam's little boy came up to him and grinned.

"Hi, I'm Ryan. You are that Kris guy my Papa was talking about, right?"

"Yes," Kris replied with a smirk, "I'm Kris. Can you show me where your sister is?"

Ryan nodded, grabbed Kris's hand, and then dragged him to the front of Jessie's door, knocking quickly on it before running away and abandoning Kris. Kris heard a few rustles of somebody in the room and then heard Jessie yell in a muffled tone "go away!" through the door.

"Can't you let me in?"

"Kris?" Jessie said confused, "Why are you here and why should I even open the door for a person that is trying to replace my Papa?"

Kris sighed. "Your father asked me to come over and because I'm not trying anything against your Papa. Can we please talk about this, Jessie?"

Jessie walked up to the door and opened the door slowly, her little face stained with tears and her eyes all red and puffy. She allowed Kris to come in, but gave him an angry glare as he sat down on her bed.

"Sweetie, why do you think your daddy keeps dating people even though your papa is gone?"

"He wants to forget my Papa by getting a new guy."

"Now," Kris said to Jessie calmly, "you've known your father your whole life. Do you think he'd actually try to forget your papa?"

Jessie shrugged and then wiped her face. "He barely cried when he died. He always was trying to make me not cry and he was being kept up by baby Ryan. I don't know why he didn't, though, since he's aways telling us to not hide our feelings. Really, the only time I remember him crying about Papa was the day that he died at night time. I had gotten up for a glass of water because my throat was dry from my crying and when I passed his room, I heard him in his room just crying like a baby. I know it wasn't right to listen....but it made me feel a bit better to know he missed him just like me."

Kris wrapped his arm around Jessie and held her close. "When did your father first date?"

"A year after he died," Jessie mumbled angrily. "His name was....Greg? He was sweet to me and loved being around Ryan....but he just wasn't a part of my family. I ended up breaking them up because I started to hate him so much. It happens all the time."

"Were you going to do that with me?"

Jessie let a small smile show. "Maybe. I actually like you better than a lot of them. You look pretty cute and my Daddy likes you a lot."

Kris smirked. "And I think you look adorable and I like your Daddy a lot, also. You know, my momma had a little saying that whenever a person dies, they usually send someone to help ease the pain and make the people affected get back to normal."

"My grandma said that before," Jessie admitted with a small smile.

"So, are you going to believe it?"

"...You know what? I think it's worth a go. Thanks Kris."

Kris smiled and hugged Jessie tight, seeing Adam's smiling and tear-streaked face at the door watching on.

"No problem, kid."

 He then let go and looked back to him, Jessie also looking on. Adam sighed.

" come you never told me any of that?"

Jessie shrugged into her curls. "I don't know.......I never thought it would help anything."

Adam shook his head in disbelief as he sat down on the other side of Jessie, wrapping his arm around her. His little girl looked up at him and then hugged him tight with a warm and embarrassing hug that made Adam feel so loved.

"I'm sorry I never was nice to your boyfriends, Daddy. I guess I was just being a little stubborn or something. I love you."

With a tear filled smile to Kris, Adam placed a gentle kiss on his daughter's forehead and replied.

"I love you too, Jessie. Thank you so much for giving Kris a chance."

"You're welcome very much, Daddy. "

"Well if you guys are done with hugging everyone," Ryan said at the door with a cute smile, "I'd like to go carve my pumpkin!"

Adam giggled and looked to Kris and Jessie. "You guys ready to carve some pumpkins?"

Jessie giggled and nodded. Kris got up and grabbed her hand. "I'd say yes!"

"Well, let's go!"


An hour later, the kids were sitting on the couch eating freshly made pumpkin seeds watching the Peanuts' Halloween special and Adam and Kris were just cleaning up the giant mess the pumpkins made.

"I never thought I'd say this, but pumpkin guts are more gross than a dirty diaper."

Kris laughed and picked up some in his hand. "Oh really?"

Adam nodded as he picked up some. "It's disgusting."

Suddenly, surprising him completely, Kris threw the pumpkin guts in his hand at Adam, hitting him smack dab on the head, getting it all in his hair. Adam gasped, making Ryan and Jessie turn around to see what was going on. Jessie began to giggle.

"I put 30 goldfish on Kris winning."

"40 on Papa winning."

"You're on."

All of a sudden, a pumpkin guts war broke out amongst the two grown men, pumpkin guts getting in their hair, their clothes, and practically everywhere possible while Jessie and Ryan watched on contently with confused looks on their faces. The orange gooey stuff soon covered the whole kitchen table and Adam and Kris completely. Finally, all the orange goop was all gone from where the papers were laid down for to keep the table clean and was now on Adam and Kris, who were laughing hysterically at each other's faces. Jessie rolled her eyes.

"Are you guys done getting all messy?"

Smirking at each other, Adam and Kris both grabbed a piece of the orange goop and threw it at her, laughing along with Ryan as she looked herself over, horrified to death.

"If you are always gonna' throw gross stuff at my sister and make her freak out, you can stay in our family forever!"

Kris giggled and looked up to Adam, who suddenly looked deep in thought. After a second of reasoning, Adam brought Kris towards him and kissed him quick, stunning Kris into pure shock and making his heart flutter out of his chest.

"How would you like to do that?"

"Huh?" Kris barely said, his voice weak and limp. Adam hugged him close again and smiled his bright smile.

"Stay with us forever," Adam said excitedly, "be my man."

Kris nearly choked on air. "You your....."

Adam smirked. "Marry me, Kristopher."

Not being able to even get air, Kris let out some weird gurgle of a noise and then sighed. Adam giggled and kissed his cheek.

"Is that a yes?"

Kris nodded frantically with a giant smile, being attacked by a big gooey Adam Lambert in a gigantic bear hug and was smothered by tons of kisses.

"I love you, Adam," Kris finally managed to say.

"That's Adam Lambert-Allen to you, mister!" he said with a giggle.

Who knew that pumpkins could complete a family?

~The End~

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Hey Guys!

Well, I'm kinda' feeling a bit bummed :/ I've only gotten a few comments on the previous chapter of LWFC, and they were only from two of the normal readers. (I know I have my normal people who don't comment but read, so....I guess you could discard this?) This chapter, even though I just put it out, isn't getting the normal flow of comments I usually get. Guys, comments from my loyal readers really help me to go on, which I'd like to. It's just that lately I haven't been getting many, and I'm a bit bummed out. At one point I had about 10 people comment, and now I get two. It's a little saddening to me, since I write this for you guys. So...I'd like to know if any of the old readers just decided to stop, or if I did something, because it's bugging me not knowing. I know some people are busy and can't read all the time, but I've seen some of my old readers commenting other places lately, so I'm curious as to why no one is. 

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if I could know why some people stopped. To all who constantly comment and to my people who read anonymously , thanks a bunch. Everyone who stopped, have any suggestions or something? I'd really appreciate some feedback =)

Thanks for the suggestions!

-Glambertrock =)


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