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A/N: Hey ya'lls. So, I kinda want to strangle my muse right now. The whole time I've written this, it's been all 'Klaine' crazy and heck, I wrote two Klaine drabbles within the last 3 days. As you know, I'm not a fast writer. Plus, I've really tried to make [info]unpublicguy happy with the whole scene in here with Ben and stuff. Idk, I just feel more drained than I should. My muse is just not in my favor right now, so I'm sorry if this isn't as good as usual or seems a bit rushed. I'm just off my game, I guess. Anyway, hope [info]unpublicguy likes the Ben parts and I hope you like them and the Kradam parts :)
Btw, the mention of pink pants for Ben was inspired by this link: . And yes, the guy in the pink is the guy chosen to represent Ben :P Yeah. lol. Enjoy!

"Ben, just calm down, you-"

"Kris, my chest, it's beating too hard, my heart is going to fly out-"

"-you have this in the bag. I promise you, your cutie won't be able to say no."

"His name is James and how can you be so sure?"

"Because, Ben! I've been proposed to before! I know how hard it is to even think about saying no! It's like teasing a dog with a dog treat! You just can't do it! You have to say yes and give the dog a treat!"

"I'm all confused now..."

"Ben, just go up, pay your dollar, and then sing your song. Everything will go smoothly after that. I promise."

"You better be right.."

"I'm always right, Ben. Ask Adam. Now go."

"If you make me lose James-"

"James will love you. Now go."

"Fine.....I will cut you if-"



Ben, in his white suit with a white shirt, gray pants, and pink tie, quickly ran up to the large stage at the front of the huge prom room, held his red guitar close, and walked up to the snotty girl at the front. She looked up at him and snorted.

"Lose a bet?"

Ben looked her over and smirked bigger than he possibly could.

"Question is, did you?"

The girl narrowed her eyes and snatched his money from him bitterly, motioning for him to take the stage with an annoyed glare. Ben ignored her and sat down on the small stool left there for him to sit on, resting his guitar on his lap nervously. Back over at Kris and Adam, who were near the back with Tommy, Allison, Brad, Cassidy, and the girls, Kris was anxiously watching the stage as Ben set up. Adam looked over at him with his brow raised in confusion.

"Ben is about to do something so crazy that I helped him with that it might just work and get him a husband."

Adam smirked and wrapped his arm around his frazzled lover. "So, it's just a normal day at school?"

"Pretty much."

Suddenly, the time came, and Ben took a deep breath. He then looked into the crowd and spoke, his eyes zoning in on James who was currently leaning against a wall sipping punch around a few people he didn't know. James wasn't from this school, he was just their for Ben, considering he'd been asked by him to go. Ben had been enthralled when James had said yes to go to the prom with him, and ever since then, he'd been dreaming of this day.

And now the time had come.

"Um, hi," Ben said shakily into the mic, watching as most of the crowd turned to look at him. "If, um...if you guys haven't seen me before, I'm Ben. I'd like to sing a certain song to a certain someone who I'd like to point out right now. James.....come on up here, will ya'?"

Out in the crowd, James looked up in pure shock, his eyes going wide in surprise and his cheeks reddening with blush as everyone looked at him. Quickly so that the people around him would stop staring so much, James ran through the crowd and hopped up onto the stage, looking at Ben as if he was crazy. Ben just smiled back at him with his big pearly white teeth and then looked down at his guitar nervously.

"James.....this song is for you. You see....I love you, James, and I frankly don't want to let you go so that someone can just go and love what I love more than anything. I....I think this song sums up what I'm trying to say better than anything, really. Everyone, just enjoy this song. If you have someone you hold close.....hold them and slow dance here. Just....just be happy that you are together. Enjoy yourselves. James.....just..just listen."

Gazing up at James, Ben began to strum on his guitar. Hopefully, James would like this.

"We've got all night
to get it right.
Oh baby don't you walk out on me.
Just take my hand.
Make me understand.
'Cause darlin'it's your love that I need.

'Cause I can't make it through
one lonely night without you.
Oh darlin' how I need you by my side!
I wanna' feel your skin next to mine.
Stare so deep in your eyes.
I wanna' hold on tight
like it's the last goodbye.

Your lovin' ways
I could never replace.
So baby, won't you show me how you feel?
Just take my hand.
Make me understand.
'Cause we don't need to lose a love this real.

'Cause I can't make it through
one lonely night without you.
Oh darlin' how I need you by my side!
I wanna' feel your skin next to mine.
Stare so deep in your eyes.
I wanna' hold on tight
like it's the last goodbye.

'Cause I can't make it through
one lonely night without you.
Oh darlin' how I need you by my side!
I wanna' feel your skin next to mine.
Stare so deep in your eyes.
I wanna' hold on tight
like it's the last goodbye.

Oh I wanna' hold on tight.
Like it's the last goodbye."

All of the sudden, it was like the whole school suddenly became in love with Ben's voice-and country, for that matter-because they all just erupted with applause at the end. Ben smiled and took in all the applause for a moment, but then, he went into full business mode.

It was time to ask the biggest question in the world.

", if all of you would excuse me," he began, setting his guitar down on the ground. James looked at him questioningly as he stood so that he was directly facing him. Whatever was on his mind, James had a feeling it'd make him embarrassed.

He was pretty much right for the most part.

Just then, Ben went for it and knelt down on the ground on one knee, taking James' hand in his as the black haired boy just stared at him in shock.

"James.....I love you so much, and even though we're young and even though we go to different schools.....I...I want to spend the rest of forever with you. I'm willing to spend every morning telling you how beautiful you are to me and how much I love you....and how amazing you are all around. I love you more than anything and, call me foolish, but I can't wait any longer to be without you as my guy. So," Ben said, pulling out a shiny silver ring that caused James to gasp and cover his mouth to stop from doing anything else, "James, my love.....will you marry me?"

Far off in the crowd, Kris and Adam both exchanged a quick knowing and loving glance.

They knew what that moment in a relationship felt like.

Adam knew why Ben was so nervous.

And Kris knew why James was about to choke on air right now.

Oh the good ol' days.........


Ben nearly lost it then. "Huh?"

James smirked and nodded happily, excitement visibly shown growing on his face. "Yes Ben. I will marry you!"

Almost immediately, Ben wrapped James in his arms and swung him around in his happy fit, kissing him with all his might as a steady and happy applause filled their ears.

Everything was just perfect.

Soon, knowing that their would probably be people wanting to sing after them, Ben quickly got them off the stage, only to end up pinning him against a wall and devouring him in front of everyone, making him turn into a mess of happy noises far too embarrassing to say. Ben pulled back after a few minutes and just looked at James, feeling a blanket of relief come over him.

That was his now. The man in front of him was his.


"Hey," he muttered out with a smile, causing James to giggle and then blush.

"Hey yourself," James replied, grabbing Ben by his pink tie and pulling him closer. Ben chuckled.

"I can't believe I just did that."

James smirked. "Well believe it, Ben, because I have a ring that can prove it."

"You need to thank Kris."

"Why is that?" James asked, nipping at Ben's ear playfully.

"He convinced me that that was the way to go. I originally was going to just invite you over to Brad's and ask you while we watched Rent or something with ice cream, but that didn't seem romantic enough."

James laughed and kissed Ben lovingly. "You big dork, you. I would've liked your proposal any way you would've done it!"

"Kris said you would be like that."

"I've got a question."

"What is it?"

"Did Kris tell you how sexy you have to be around me?"


"Because if he had told you something, I'm pretty sure right now you would be exceeding the limit by a country mile."

"I have pink shorts on under this suit."


"Nothing, nothing."

James smirked and then hugged Ben tight, their bodies matching up perfectly. Ben snuggled into his grasp and then sighed.

"I can show you the shorts if you want."

"That sounded so pervish."

"I'm your husband, deal with it."

".............okay fine, follow me."

Ben quickly followed James to the bathroom with a huge smirk on his face. The smirk only grew bigger as they passed Adam, Kris, and the others as Kris gave a thumbs up to him.

Happiness was there and all around them like mad.

Little did they know, sadness and fear were just around the corner.....


"Crystal, I think I just saw a spider."

"I think I hear an annoying fly in my ear. Oh wait, IT'S YOU!"

"I have a gun, mister spider....."

"Hailey, if you don't shut up..."

"When are we going to shoot Adam and stuff?"

"Patience. Just a hour or two more."


"Shut up, Hailey, or you are going to blow our cover!"

"It BIT me!"

"Well good for the spider, getting a meal! Now be quiet!"

"Why couldn't we have hid somewhere else? 

"Because we need to be close to the exit so that we can just jump on in without people thinking otherwise."

"So people aren't going to view two girls dressed in dark clothing coming out of a bush with two visible guns in their hands as suspicious?"

"People are dumb, Hailey. We have to rely on them being to wrapped up in snogging their prom date to notice us."

"You really haven't thought this out well, have you Crystal?"

"I have a gun, Hailey. You probably shouldn't be talking to me like that."

"I have a gun, too."



"So Krissifer," Brad said happily as he held Cassidy at his waist by the punch bowl as the crowd swayed to the beat of some Heart song, "are you going to do anything for Adam tonight?"

Kris shrugged and ran a hand through his tousled up hair. "I don't know, maybe. What do you have in mind?"

Brad looked at Cassidy and then looked back to Kris with a big smirk. "Sing to him."

Kris laughed in Brad's face. "Yeah right, Brad. Like I'm going to sing at my prom in front of everyone, including some people who earlier in the year tried to kill me?"

"Kris, think about it," Brad pushed on eagerly, "Cass and I got together by singing up their tonight! Heck, Ben got a husband out of singing up there."

Kris looked over to see James and Ben slow dancing a few feet away from them kissing each other's brains out and then looked back to find Brad smiling like he was 'a boss'. Kris rolled his eyes.

"I sing to Adam all the time, Brad. One song is not going to make a difference."

"May I mention to you that this could possibly be his one and only prom ever if Crystal is successful?" Brad barely whispered over the crowd. Kris bit his lip, took one look at Adam standing next to Jamie and Gabby as they rambled on about something way beyond his interests, and then made his decision.

He was going to sing.

"Hand me a dollar, Brad."

"Honey, do I look like an ATM to you?"

"Your idea, your cash. Cough it up."

"But....but...I'm broke!"

"Here," Cassidy said, flipping through his wallet until he pulled out a dollar, "go impress your man."

Kris smiled and grabbed the money, mouthing thank you before running up to Ben and James and tapping Ben on the shoulder. Ben ended him and James' kiss and then looked at Kris with a hint of annoyance.

"Yes, Kristopher?"

"Sorry to interrupt, but can I use your guitar? I'm going to sing to Adam and I need one and-"

"Ben," James said contently, "go get your guitar for Kris. I can wait."


"Faster you go faster we can finish what we were doing..."


Quickly, Ben left through the crowd, leaving James and Kris alone with smiles across their face. James looked to Kris and patted him on the back.

"Ben told me you pushed him to ask me to marry him."

Kris blushed. "Yeah, well....I knew how much he liked you and wanted to ask, so...."

"Is there any way I can help you with whatever you're planning, Mr. Guitar-boy?"

"Well," Kris said shrugging, "you could cheer for me and make me not look like an idiot.."

James laughed. "You'll be fine, Kris. Don't underestimate yourself."


Just then, a very winded Ben came rushing up with his guitar, his hair all messed up. Ben handed Kris the guitar and winked.

"Go get 'em, tiger."

"Same to you, you soon-to-be married dude," Kris said happily, snatching up the guitar and running up to the stage.

"Now," Ben said smirking as James fiddled with his tie, "where were we?"

Up at the stage, Kris was getting ready when he spotted Adam looking pretty bored and a bit sad that he wasn't around. Kris just smirked and then decided to begin.

"Hello," Kris said in the mic, making the crowd turn and acknowledge he was there,  "as most of you know, I'm Kris Allen, Adam Lambert's soon-to-be husband and Arkansas native. Well, I've seen that Adam has been a bit down lately and stuff, so......I'm going to sing a little something that hopefully will make his spirits rise a bit. Hope ya'll enjoy."

Kris began strumming on the guitar as the background music helped him on.

Time to make Adam happy.

"I like your lips like I like my Coca-Cola, yeah.
Oh how it pops and fizzes!
You like my shirt like I like it when you hold my hand.
The way it fits has got me feeling lucky

Look at who is comin', whoo!
You got that somethin'
Boy I wanna be where you are
and I'm gunnin' for ya'!
Can't even fall for some other man, 'cause brother man,
You know how to get hip to my heart!

C'mon now!

All the girls in town look you up and look you down, I know
So...come on and pick your kitten.
Purr, baby, purr, go ahead and say the word and lets go!
I think I'm the one you're diggin'; got me feeling lucky

Look at who is comin', whoo!
You got that somethin'
Boy I wanna be where you are
and I'm gunnin' for ya'!
Can't even fall for some other man, 'cause brother man,
You know how to get hip to my heart!

Tell me now, who?
Tell me now, who?

You play so coo-hool,
you play it so coo-coo-cool, mm.
And what am I supposed to do,
when you play it so cool
And I got the hots for you?

Look at who is comin', whoo!
You got that somethin'
Boy I wanna be where you are
and I'm gunnin' for ya'!
Can't even fall for some other man, 'cause brother man,
You know how to get hip to my heart!

Look at who is comin', whoo!
You got that somethin'
Boy I wanna be where you are
and I'm gunnin' for ya'!
Can't even fall for some other man, 'cause brother man,
You know how to get hip to my heart!

I said, you know how to get hip to my heart.
I said, you know how to get hip to my heart! 

The crowd cheered as the song finished louder than they had that night, but the only person Kris could see was the blue eyed wonder near the back with the happy tears in his eyes and the brighter than white smile on his face.

He made Adam so happy.

Hopping off the stage, Kris ran down to James and Ben first, handing them the guitar without even a word to them, making them laugh proudly in a way as he sped off towards Adam. Passing through the whole room, Kris finally saw Adam, and as fast as he caught sight of him, he was in front of him. Adam happily enveloped Kris into his loving arms and sighed as Kris fit right against his body perfectly.

All he could think about was how different things were just a little while ago. A little while ago, him and Kris weren't even aware of each other. They didn't know who they were. Kris was in Arkansas with Katy and he was in L.A. with his family and no one else. Then, fast forward a tiny bit, and they were just friends who had no clue what their future held. He was the tad bit pushy gay teen with a crush on the straight goodie boy from Conway. Fast forward a bit more and they were the too young boys who had taken a very big step and held each other close when the worst hit them. 

If you flash forward to now, you wouldn't even think they were the same boys.

"I love you so much, Kris," Adam choked out through a sudden rush of tears. Okay, yes, he knew his eyeliner was kind of shot now, but did he care? Hell no. He was too happy to care right now.

"I love you too, Adam," Kris whispered happily in Adam's shoulder.

"I love you, too."


"I love you too, Adam! Ugh, how gross."

"Crystal, why are you watching them?"

"Because, Hailey, I need to know if they are planning on leaving early or something so I can plan accordingly."

"How can you hear them?"

"I'm no idiot, Hailey, I can read lips. Binoculars kinda help with that."

"I can't believe you're doing this."

"I can. Now shhh, I'm getting a phone call. Hello?"

A low voice came from the other line, and to Crystal, it didn't sound familiar at all.

If only it had...

"You're going to regret doing this, Crystal."

"Who are you?" She asked, looking around nervously to see if someone was visibly near her.

"Someone who's not going to let you go through with your plan."

Crystal gulped as Hailey looked at her worriedly. "H-how do you know about my plan?"

"I know all about what you want to do. Adam will be alive if I have any say in this. The minute you make your move, I'm going to be there with a gun to shut you up."

"I'm pregnant. W-with Kris's baby. You can't shoot me!"

"You don't know what I can and can't do. Crystal, I suggest you give up on this now before you get in too deep."

"No. No, you can't stop me!"

"We'll see. Bye Crystal. Hope you don't put up a fight..."

And then, he hung up.

Hailey looked at Crystal as she knelt as pale as a ghost.

Whatever had been said really must have been big.

And man, it was.


To be continued...........

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