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A/N: Okay, yes, this is a a little light of Kradam for most of it, but don't worry, it'll come soon, as in the next part. Sorry to leave you a cliff hanger, but hey, you know this is supposed to be like that for this part in time! lol. Next chapter will be up ASAP. Oh, and like I said before, you should listen to the song here to get the feeling of it better! It helps! And the color key as to who is singing what in the chapter is this: Orange-Cassidy Blue-Brad Brown-Both. READ ON, NOW :D

It wasn't like the whole Junior class didn't know Adam and Kris were coming to the prom.

They just didn't think they would come in looking like they did.

Everyone was either dancing, talking, making out secretly, or eating when they arrived. It was like a scene from a movie, how they entered. It was as if their presence immediately jolted everyone out of their thoughts and brought them to look at them in shock. And jealousy. And desire. And stuff like that.

First to actually say something was Allison, trotting up in a shiny hot pink fluffy spaghetti strap dress that went down to her knees and flowed out in a ruffle at the end. She quickly latched her arms around Adam's neck and placed a quick kiss to his cheek, giggling as she saw Kris pout next to him.

"Oh don't worry, pretty boy," Allison slurred playfully as she turned to Kris, "I didn't forget to hug you. C'mere."

Just like she did with Adam, Allison wrapped her arms around Kris's neck and pecked him on the cheek. Kris blushed and twirled her around like a princess. She did look gorgeous.

"Sooooo, how do I look?"

Kris smiled. "You look beautiful, baby girl."

"I have no clue why no one asked you out," Adam cooed, pulling her close. Allison bit her lip.

"Actually, a guy did ask me out...."

Just then, Tommy walked up to the group and snatched Allison's arm. Adam and Kris looked at him funny.

"If you would excuse me," he suavely said as Allison clutched his black suit in her hand with an apologetic smile, "I would like to dance with the hottest girl at the dance tonight."

Allison blushed. "Surprise, guys..."

"Wait," Kris said with a bit of a rush to his tone, "are you two....?"

Tommy blushed deeply, letting his bangs fall into his face in attempt to hide it. "No. Er...I just thought that since she wasn't asked and I wasn't.....she shouldn't be going to the prom alone, now should she?"

Adam nodded. "`She shouldn't. Go enjoy your dance, you two."

As Tommy and Allison walked away, Kris and Adam just smiled and walked on in, grinning ear-to-ear at the sight of their place for prom. The place was decked out in the traditional prom type decor, but at the front, there was a huge stage with a banner on top entitled 'Karaoke-$5 for our Football team!' and it was covered in glitter. Clearly Casey and her art nerds had something to do with that. Adam didn't really like the fact he had to pay to support guys who either had no clue who he was or wanted to wipe away his existence, but he liked how the option was there. It was cute. Very endearing. Tempting to say the least.

"Well well," a voice to the left of them said sarcastically, "I'm almost heartbroken you came to the red head and the blondie before me!"

Adam almost rolled his eyes but fought back the action, turning to hug the adorable Brad in what only could be classified as a work of Cheeks, and Skin Graft most likely, art. He had on a tight black undershirt from a tux on, accompanied by dark black pants that were stylishly tucked into his dark leather boots with a two inch heel, making Kris look shorter than he really was. With this basic outfit, Brad had added a raccoon tail, glittery black eyeliner, a few bracelets, a spear head on a necklace, and a very sparkly silver belt.

If he were to have sunlight hit him instead of the dimmed lighting in the room, everyone would already be blind from the shine of the vast amount of glitter on his.....everything.

"So, so, how sexy do I look? Honest opinions! But not too honest. I need to feel good since I'm going at this alone."

Kris barely held back his laugh. "You look great, Brad."

"If I weren't a soon-to-be married man, I'd so tap you."

Brad smirked and placed a cheeky kiss on Adam's cheek in thanks before pulling out his phone to check the time. He quietly groaned.

"Two damn hours left," he grumbled as he slid his cell back into his pants. "Cheeks, I don't know how you do it." Suddenly, Brad felt a finger tap him on the back, nearly making him want to jump out of his skin. He quickly spun around in shock, and just before he was about to say 'Get that pretty boy hand off me unless you want the force that is Cheeks to unleash on you', his eyes took in just who that finger belonged to.

The guy had the most slim body he'd ever seen that didn't look like he was anorexic. He could see it clearly because, just like him, the boy had put his own spin on his outfit. He was wearing a black buttoned up shirt with swirl designs on the front, dark black jeans that hugged his legs just PERFECTLY according to Brad, and near blinding black bedazzled leather shoes. He had heavy eyeliner on, but not as much as Brad, and had a dark black cowboy hat on. Brad had no clue why, but that was attractive as hell to him at the moment.

And that was just his outfit.

The guy had the scruffiest hair in the world. Like, Brad wanted to grip it tight as heck as he pinned him to the couch like he'd done to Adam just the day before. He also had adorably strong brown eyes that Brad wanted to make roll back into his head because of him. His shirt clearly revealed that this kid was built, and built well. His legs were slim and his pants only made that more noticeable.

Brad could go into greater detail, but how the cutie cowboy guy was staring at him at the moment was making him feel very antsy as if he wanted to just run into the men's room and squeal like a little girl.

"Oh, did I scare you?"

Brad looked at the guy and took a deep breath in, letting it out slowly. "Kinda, but uh....I'm okay with that."

"I'm Cassidy," the cowboy now known as Cassidy said with an endearing grin.

"Brad," Brad said, outstretching his hand hospitably. Cassidy gladly took his offer and shook his hand. He then cleared his throat. He looked nervous.

"Well, uh, I'm kinda' being dared to sing a song with somebody on stage by a couple of my buddies and I wanted to know if you'd be the guy to join me on stage..."

Brad choked on air. "Dare?"

Cassidy must have noticed the hurt on Brad's face, because he instantly began to try to apologize for saying that.

"It's not just because of the dare, if that's what you think," Cassidy whispered close to Brad. Brad would've been freaking out about Cassidy's hand on his shoulder had it not been for his disappointment. "To tell you the truth, I'm actually gay. They told me to find the weirdest person I could find, and well....I've always had this crush on you, and you were wearing something different than others.....I just thought-"

And like that, Brad smiled and began to drag him to the stage.

He got himself a boy toy.

Once on stage, Brad quickly pulled out the last of his money from buying his and Adam's outfits, fifteen dollars, and slapped it down on the table where the supervisor of the karaoke thing was sitting. The girl looked up at him and raised her eyebrow.

"It's just ten-"

"Keep the change," Brad rushed as he tried to fix his hair, "I've got more important things to do than make change."

The girl shrugged as she took the bills without any more questions. Brad quickly sat down on the stool next to Cassidy. Cassidy smirked at him.

"You're in a rush, I take it, to sing with me."

Brad blushed. "You can see that."

"You like cowboys?"

"I originate from Texas, if you can believe."

"You like my hat?"

"Must I even say what I'm thinking about that hat?"

"You like Skin Graft?"

"Where do you think I got this freakin animal tail?"

"The same one where I work."

"Have my children."


"Nothing, nothing."

The girl then cleared her throat and motioned for them to pick up their microphones. Brad gazed nervously at Cassidy. "Wait, does she know what song?"

Cassidy nodded. "My friends told her. Now get ready, it's about to start."

And it did. Brad couldn't but notice Adam and Kris standing in the audience giddily.

He was way past ready.

"Livin' my life in a slow hell. Different girl every night at the hotel. I ain't seen the sunshine in three damn days. Been fueling up on....whiskey. Wish I had a good girl to miss me. Lord I don't know if I'll ever change my ways. I put your picture away. Sat down and cried today. I can't look at you while I'm lying next to her. I put your picture away. Sat d own and cried to day. I can't look at you while I'm lying next to her."

Brad smiled as the part turned to him. His cowboy sure could croon.

"I called you last night at the hotel. Everyone knows but they won't tell. But their halfhearted smiles tells me somthin' just ain't right. I've been waitin' on you for a long time, fuelin' up on heartaches and cheap wine. I ain't heard from you in three damn nights! I put your picture away. I wonder where you've been. I can't look at you while I'm lying next to him. I put your picture away. I wonder where you've been. I can't look at you while I'm lying next to him."

Cassidy silently jammed out as the guitar part happened, and Brad just looked on with a huge smirk. He was cute, and the fact that he could croon that well made his love grow thrice fold. He was such a big tease, too, the way his lips just barely ghosted the microphone as he sang. Brad could feel himself get all bothered by it. Out in the crowd, Adam gave him a thumbs up as he swayed with Kris, giving him the boost he needed to go on.

"I saw you yesterday with an old friend..."

"It was the same ol' same how have you been."

Then, they sang together, Brad smiling into those big brown eyes of Cassidy's.

"Since you've been gone, my world's been dark and gray."

"You reminded me of brighter days."

"I'd hoped you were comin' home to stay. I was head of the church!"

"I was of to drink you away!!!!!"

Brad was blown away at how easily Cassidy had just hit that part. It only sent his heart deeper in love with him.

"I thought about you for a long time. Can't seem to get you of my mind. I can't understand why we're livin' life this way. I found your picture today. I swear I'll change my ways. I just called to say I want come back home. I found your picture today. I swear I'll change my ways. I just called to say I want come back home. I just called to say I love you...come back home."

The immense cheer from the crowd made Brad feel high on love. He looked over to Cassidy and grinned bashfully.

"You were amazing," he said as he got off his seat. Cassidy bit his lip and followed him off the stage silently. Brad decided he need to continue to speak. "Um.....was I good?"

Cassidy sighed. " were fantastic."

"Thank you!"


"But?" Brad said nervously. Had he done something wrong? Was he too pushy? Was he not supposed to look at him throughout the song? Did his breath stink?"

Cassidy noticed his nervousness immediately. "It's not what you're thinking, Brad. You did nothing wrong. I.......I'm just not exactly out of the closet and-"

"No one can not be out and wear that outfit, Cassidy," Brad spit out sourly, folding his arms over his chest stubbornly. Cassidy ran his hand through his hair and then continued.

"Brad, this was a dare to my friends. To me, it was something from my wildest fantasies coming true. But they can't know that. I'm going to have to diss you when I talk-"

"Ditch those jerks, Cass."

Cassidy's eyes went wide. "Excuse me?"

"Ditch those guys if you really have feelings for me. I'm not some toy that will just let you diss me and then magically love you the next minute. I am freakin awesome and the king of the freaks, and if you haven't gotten the picture yet, I deserve to be treated as such. If you aren't willing to ditch people who hate my guts so you can be with me, then I don't deserve you. Make your decision by the second slow dance in a few minutes. If you really love me, you'll make it when I leave. Just to sway your vote, because I do really hope you become mine...."

Brad gripped the sides of Cassidy's collar and pulled him forward, planting a huge passionate kiss on his lips, which Brad was surprised to taste a hint of whiskey on. After a minute, he pulled away, sending a glare in the direction of his 'friends' as he left, making sure to strut off and really show Cass just how awesome of a bod he had.  He went off to Adam and Kris, who were wide-eyed from watching the kiss, and wrapped his arms around Adam's neck sadly.

"Adam, why can't boys be not complicated like you?"

"Because, unlike me, they aren't open minded?"

"Cass has a crush on me but he won't delve into it because he's not out like us," Brad moaned into Adam's neck. "How can someone wear what he's wearing and not be gay? It's not possible!"

Kris giggled. "I'm sure he's pretty conflicted after kissing you, Brad."

"I gave him until the next slow dance to decide. Ugh, I'm such a bad person, doing that, right?"

Adam shook his head and placed a small kiss on Brad's forehead. "No. You're just very determined and don't want to be hurt. That's a good quality you have, Brad. A very good one."

Suddenly, a slow song hit the speakers. Brad let out a high pitch yelp in response.

"No!" He turned to scan the crowd for Cassidy. "It was supposed to come in a few minutes! Not this fast! Oh poor Cass. He's probably so conflicted. I...I'll be right back, guys."

As Brad ran off, Kris nudged Adam's arm and asked him, "Do you think Cassidy will pick him?" Adam just shrugged.

"I hope. I don't want to have to comfort an emotional Brad."


The song on the speaker sent a jolt of fear into Cassidy's body. He was supposed to make a choice that quick? How?

"Hey, dude, look. You're little fag is coming up to ask you to dance," one of his friends, Howard, said with a chuckle, sending the other boys into a fit of laughter. Cassidy glared at him and then turned to see Brad come running up to him breathlessly. His heart skipped a beat. Or two.

"Cass, listen, I'm sorry. I...I didn't know how fast the song was going to come and....I don't know, I just don't feel like I should've dumped all that on you. I feel guilty and-"

"Whoa, whoa," Howard said as the two other boys, Roy and Evan, flanked him on both sides, "do we have a girly boy being...sorry?"

"Shut up," Brad growled, cocking his head to the side in annoyance. "This doesn't concern you. Anyway, Cass, I-"

"Is 'Cass' your nickname for him? Do you love him that much, gay boy?"

"Shut up, Howard."

Brad looked over at Cassidy in a bit of shock. Did he just stand up for him?

"Why in the world would you stand up for the fag, Cassidy? You ain't his friend."

Cassidy looked over at Brad's face and nearly felt a tear come to his eye. Brad looked so.....sad. Hurt. Vulnerable.

He'd never seen him that way.

"You're wrong, Howard."

Howard's jaw dropped to the floor as Brad's face lit up happily. "Say what?"

"You're wrong, Howard," Cassidy repeated sternly. "Brad's no fag, no girly boy, no anything other than the one guy who I love."

"You're gay?" Roy asked in shock. Howard chuckled.

"You're just as bad as the fag over-mmph!"

Faster than anyone could process it, Cassidy had Howard pinned against the wall with no way to escape his grasp. He stared Howard right in the eye and growled in the back of his throat

"Never call Brad or me that word ever again or else I will kill you. Same applies if you ever try to harass me or him. This goes for you two silent followers," Cass said to Roy and Evan bitterly. "I'm going to now go and suck this boy's face off like he deserves to have done as romantically as possible while you stay here and watch in jealousy. Adios, jerk."

Turning back to Brad, Cassidy got as close as possible as he could go without knocking Brad over and kissed him forcefully, making Brad smile into the kiss like a dork.

This guy was perfect.

"Let's go get something to drink, 'kay?" Cass said as he ended the kiss. Brad instantly agreed and followed contently, smirking bigger than he ever had before.

He got his man.


Adam looked at Kris and smiled brightly as they danced in the middle of the floor to the slow song playing. They just had seen Brad become happy, and after knowing that, it made them so much more calm and happy. So far, the night was going perfectly.  It was like a dream come true.

Little did they know, Crystal and Hailey already had arrived....

They were perched outside in a few bushes that no one ever walked by and Hailey had the gun with her in her shaking hand. Crystal giggled.

"I can't wait, Hailey," she chirped in excitement. "Just a little less than two hours before Adam goes bye-bye and all becomes good. By the way...I brought in a little thingy to help make this easier..."

Suddenly, Crystal pulled out another gun from nowhere, sending Hailey into freak out mode. This girl is loaded! "Anyone who tries to save him, we'll shoot. Got it?"

"What if Kris does?"

"Then you don't shoot him, idiot," Crystal said with a groan. "Now keep it down. Our cover can't be blown."

Hailey sighed and placed her gun down next to her. Did she believe the plan would work? No. Did she want to follow it? No. Did she have to? Yes.

Thing was.....would she or wouldn't she go through with it?

That mystery was to be solved later. Right now, though, Adam and Kris were in each other's arms without a care in the world.

They were safe....for the moment.


To be continued...........

PS: I made some art for you!!!!!!!!! It's of Kris and Adam at the prom :) ENJOY :D

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