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A/N: First off, if any of you HAVEN'T seen Brad's video for 'They Call Me Cheeks', you have to see it: Otherwise, part of this, you won't get :P Btw, I TOTALLY couldn't get all the lyrics right to it because I couldn't find them online and Brad spoke VERY fast :P If you know them, please correct me where I'm wrong :P Anyway, I'm gonna be a troll and give you the 'music list' for the prom: 1. Like It's The Last Goodbye-Kevin Skinner 2. Picture-Kid Rock ft.Sheryl Crow 3. Hip To My Heart-The Band Perry 4. That's Beautiful To Me-Jaron and the Long Road to Love. I suggest you watch the videos before the prom chapter just because it'll really help you understand the feeling behind them. [ profile] unpublicguy, I'm not gonna' ell you which one Ben is singing :P Deal with it. lol. I'm so excited about writing the prom. It's going to be awesome, I promise. I even made art for it!!!!! Now, I'm done rambling, so read, I tell you! Read! :D

The morning started like any other.

Well, sort of.

Kris woke alongside Adam first, his hands threading through the dark black locks on top of his head calmly without worry. His gaze soon went to the closet, where he could barely see the outline of his outfit case hanging on his side of the large space. He couldn't wait to show it to Adam, to let him feel the soft fabric of it and to feel his warm, assuring hands around his hips as they danced in their outfits in front of everyone. Slowly, sure to not wake Adam, Kris padded over to the closet and gazed at it. A content sigh slipped his lips. Then, Kris saw another case hanging on Adam's side, looking very expensive. He walked carefully up to it and traced his finger down the case, curiosity building up like a bomb in his body. Carefully he reached for the zipper-

"You know, curiosity killed the cat."

Kris immediately jumped and spun around, gasping as he saw Adam at the door, arms folded and smirk widely present. The raven-haired man slinked up to him, practically hovering over, and grabbed Kris's collar to pull him-and distract him-from the case. He then pulled him on to the bed, watching in amusement as Kris realized he was on top of Adam. He giggled.

"I suggest you act on your thoughts, Kristopher, because I can easily push you off me unless you....tie me down."

He watched as Kris's jaw nearly hit the floor, his deep brown eyes gazing hungrily over Adam before flying to the closet once again. Adam shifted on his bed so that his back was to the backboard and quickly ran his hand through his hair to slightly tousle his black locks. He wanted Kris to feel loved for some reason at the moment and his blood was practically boiling beneath his skin.

Kris came bounding out of the closet with a red and navy blue tie and a red and green tie-clearly from one of his own suits-and quickly ran up to the side of the bed. He then smirked as he saw Adam hold out his left hand eagerly so that he could be tied.

"You're a very eager boy, huh?"

Adam giggled and traced his free hand down Kris's chest lazily, causing him to quiver in delight. Kris quickly tied up Adam's left hand, having Adam yank as hard as he could on the tie to see if it would come undone.

It was a success.

Then, Kris scurried over to the other side and tied up the next hand. Once again, Adam yanked the fabric to see if it was loose.

Again, Kris had tied it perfectly. Then, unsure of what to do next, Kris just stood at the foot of the bed and stared into Adam's baby blue sparkling eyes. Adam smirked.

"Come here, baby. Lay next to me."

Raising an eyebrow, Kris just went with it, trusting that Adam was going to turn this sexy somehow, and crawled up next to him.

"Kiss me, Kristopher."

"Toppy today, huh?"

Adam laughed. "Says the guy who just tied me to a freakin bed."

"Well, I only did it because you told me to."

"You know you still would've done that, though."


"Thought so. Now, are you going to kiss me or not?"

Kris smiled. "Okay, fine."

The two then kissed deeply, Kris slowly maneuvering his way on top of Adam in the process. Once on top, Kris made his way down Adam's body, pressing tender loving kisses on every part of skin he passed until he was able to settle between Adam's legs. He smirked at the now dark eyes that hadn't left his gaze since he had gotten on him. 

"What do you want for me to do next, babe?"

Adam shivered. ", undress me."

"As you wish."

Kris immediately snatched Adam's shirt into his grasp and literally ripped it off of his body. Adam gasped.

"You owe me a t-shirt."

"I think I'll make it up to you in a bit."


Suddenly, Adam felt his boxers be ripped off in the same fashion, causing him to let out a high pitched yelp that made Kris just smile with pride.

"Did I hurt you?"

"Me? No. My boxers? Yup."

Kris giggled. "As I said before, I'll make it up to you in a bit. Now, um....I have to....get to work."

Adam watched curiously as Kris began to feel him everywhere from where he was on the bed, making incoherent moans escape from his mouth every now-and-then. Then, suddenly, he felt Kris take him into his mouth, making a loud moan release from his own mouth. Adam immediately began to quiver with anticipation as he felt the rush of senses hit him at the moment.

"Oh my gosh, Kris, you are amazing," Adam whined, his arms desperately trying to break free of the ties on them. "You're going to kill me, Kristopher."

Kris just went faster, teasing Adam whenever he could, and used all his secret 'tricks' that he knew always sent Adam wild. Adam yanked on Kris's hair hard, let out a loud whine into the air, breathing heavily after as Kris teased him below.

"Kris....oh my gosh, Kris.....ohh, ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

Adam saw stars in his eyes as he hit his climax, yelling out Kris's name in sheer bliss. Kris quickly cleaned him up and then crawled over to Adam with a smile bigger than the Cheshire Cat. 

"Did I make it up to you?"

Adam looked into Kris's eyes and threw his head back into the pillow.

"You did that and more. Gosh, Kris, you're so sexy."

"Thanks," he cooed, kissing Adam lightly before getting up to untie Adam from his restraints. When he was finished, Kris then strutted over to the bathroom and stood in the doorway waiting. Adam cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"Where are you going? I want to repay you."

" can.....if you follow me in here...."

Adam had never gotten out of bed faster in his life.


"So, who wants to ride in my limo to the prom?"

Right then, everyone-Tommy, Allison, Brad, Ben, Gabby, Jamie, Casey, Adam, and Kris-was sitting down in Brad's living room to pass time before the prom, which was only now two hours away then.

"Kris and I would," Adam said apologetically, "but I have my own plans to take him to the prom."

Ben smirked. "Now that I can understand. What about you guys?"

"I'm up for it," Allison said with a shrug, "considering I'm going at this dateless."

"Same here," Tommy said, wrapping an arm around Allison's shoulders. "Maybe the fact that I'm arriving in a limo will take away from the fact that I'm coming dateless."

Kris frowned. "I don't know why no one asked you two out. You guys are adorable."

"Thank you, Krissy," Allison chirped, hugging him, "you're so nice."

"I'll go," Brad said sadly. He looked depressed.

"You okay, Brad?"

"No," he sulked. "No one asked me out. I mean, look at me! I'm Cheeks, for crap sake, and I deserve someone to take me to the first school dance I've been to in high school. It's a complete waste of perfection, if you ask me, to not take me to the dance."

Adam smirked. "Awww come here, baby." Brad scooted over and hugged Adam tight as Adam petted his hair mockingly, "Those people who passed up asking you out are going to be sorry once they see you looking so hot."

"They will," Brad huffed in agreement. "Especially after I sing."

Gabby choked on her soda she had been chucking down for the past minute. " are going to sing?"

Brad snorted and hit her arm. "Of course I am! I'm an amazing singer."

"Sure," Gabby challenged. Brad immediately stood and left the room, his face totally determined. Adam rolled his eyes.

"Gabby, you just awoke the sleeping lion."

"LIONESS!" Brad shouted from wherever he was. Kris giggled. Brad then stormed in with a microphone and chord in hand. He quickly plugged it in and then glared at Gabby menacingly. 

"Prepare to eat your words, little girl."

Somehow starting music in the speaker system in the room, Brad spun around and began to sing his favorite song.

"They call me Cheeks
and then they wanna' beg me.
Girls wanna' hang, boys wanna' peg me.
More glitter than Gary, not nearly as hairy, so smooth goin' down they call me Glengary.
They call me Cheeks, king of the freaks with visible obliques,
but you can call me Cheeks."

As Brad danced in the tiny music interruption, Kris leaned over and whispered to Adam. "How in the world did you date this guy?"

Adam smirked. "Bradley has his ways. Now shush."

"I'm the straight antidote, and, you can write my number, just write it on a c note.
Gettin' paid to hang, if that's your thang, I got that glitz so you bring the game,
they call me Cheeks, they call me Cheeks,
they call me Cheeks. Oh work it out."

Ben looked over at Adam and bit his lip to not laugh. Adam sent a smirk his way before turning his attention back to the glittery cuteness that was Brad, aka Cheeks, in front of him.

"They call me Cheeks, and that's tots for reals,
but seriously ya'll, not in these heels!
I'm all about fun and freedom of expression
but with an artistically respective dimension."

Letting out a loud cat call, Adam laughed and wrapped his arm around Kris's shoulder in excitement. He adored Cheeks, regardless of the looks everyone, including Kris, were giving his way. The kid was too cute to not like. Apparently, he's the only one that understood that.

"They call me Cheeks, and I get down low,
hold up, wait a minute, that's as far as you go.
What'd ya think, you gonna' buy me one drink and you get to see my freaky little sideshow?
Hell no! I drop the hammer.
You bring the love, I'll bring the glamor.
Gettin' busy like Ryan with average defying,
don't look like that, you know I ain't lyin'!
They call me Cheeks, king of the freaks,
with visible obliques, but you can call me Cheeks."

Kris shook his head and sighed. This was the guy who he trusted to not jump Adam while he was away?
Was he mad??????????

"Cheeks giving love in the club,
Cheeks being known world wide,
Cheeks been serving up helpings, oh bitch step aside!
Cheeks giving love in the club,
Cheeks being known world wide,
Cheeks been serving up helpings, of bitch step aside!
I'mma' run this, and I'mma' do it my way,
come along for the ride and the words that I say,
they call me Cheeks, they call me Cheeks, they call me Cheeks."

And then, the music stopped, leaving the room silent as a worn out Brad caught his breath. Gabby smirked and then got up to hug Brad.

"I'm sorry to doubt you, oh great Cheeks," she jokingly said, running her right hand through his hair. "Will you ever find it in your amazing glittery heart to forgive me?"

Giving his signature 'Queen of the world' look, Brad wrapped his arm around Gabby's waist and winked at her.

"We'll see about that."


"Why don't you sing much anymore?"

Adam looked over at Kris with a confused look as he styled his hair in the bathroom next to him. "I sing."

"When's the last time you did?"

"Uh....earlier with Brad?"

"Singing '99 bottles of beer on the wall' while chucking down Gatorade in your boxers as Cheeks draws on your back with glitter does not count as singing, Adam."

"....You're just jealous."

"Yeah, I'm jealous that a twink like Cheeks draw on you with glitter, Adam."

Adam shook his head and snatched up a bottle of hair gel. "Brad is no twink. He's my adorable pet."

Kris turned and cleared his throat. "And what am I, then? His playmate?"

Adam barked out a laugh in response. "Hell no. You're my lover."

"So all you want is sex?"

"What? Kris, what are you talking about?"

"I'm just a lover to you, apparently, right?"

"No, Kris-"

"Why don't you go screw around with your little 'pet', Adam? I'm going to my house."

Before Kris could even take a step out the door, Adam snatched Kris up and pressed his lips forcefully up against his, not letting go even a bit as Kris tried to struggle away. Soon, though, he got tired of trying and stopped his wriggling. Only then did Adam release his tight grasp.

"Let go of me, Adam," Kris muttered bitterly as he noticed Adam still had a slight grasp on his arms.

Adam didn't budge.

"Are you going to just stand there?"

Again, Adam didn't budge.

"Should've figured you'd ignore my requests, considering Brad's your pet."

"Will you shut up about that nonsense, Kristopher? I love you way more than I ever would Brad."

"Doesn't seem like it."

"Why are you jealous all of a sudden? I thought you didn't mind Brad and I goofing off with each other?"

"I just don't want you to leave me, okay?"

Adam was going to snap something sour back at him, but right then and there, it hit him what Kris was really talking about. How could he be so blind?

"Is this about Crystal and that dream you had?"

Kris looked up at Adam in a mixture of shock and guilt. Adam got it spot-on, scary as that was.


Adam's eyes softened greatly as he leaned in to softly kiss Kris, feeling the smaller boy lean slightly into his grasp, crumbling under tears he had no clue were there.  

"Baby, Brad won't take me away from you, and you know that. Neither will Crystal. She can try as much as she wants, but I guarantee she won't take you without a fight. I rather die trying to save you from her than having you get taken away from me, Kris. I love you. So much. She may say she does but she's just trying to get revenge on me. And you know that. Now, how's about we calm down, you go sit your pretty little butt on the bed, I'll go get some ice cream, and we'll watch the part of Lion King you love so much, okay?"

Kris looked up at Adam and wiped his tears from his face. "We won't have time to do all that, we need to get ready."

"A) there's always time for ice cream, B) I'm giving up my figure for you that I've worked on for three weeks, and C) I'll fly you to the prom like Underdog if I have to to get there on time. Now I'll be right back."

Kris watched in amusement as Adam walked-more like strutted-out to get the ice cream. He was so amazing. He always knew how to comfort Kris, no matter what the circumstances.

He was a god sent to Kris, and he was sure of it.


"Okay sweet thang, come out here and SHOW ME that outfit!"


"SHUT UP NEIL! Come on out for me, babe!"






"SORRY TWERP! Now Kris, as I was saying-"


"MOM, I'M-"



Kris giggled from behind the closet door. "I'll see you in a bit, I guess?"

Adam rolled his eyes and walked out grumbling to himself. "When you do I'll be a murderer."


When Adam walked back in, his eyes flew to his bed where Kris was sitting in his suit, his brown eyes gleaming in the light. Adam gasped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Kris was perfect.

"How do you like it?" Kris asked under a deep blush.

"Like? I love it, Kris. Heck, it even goes perfectly with my outfit."

Kris smiled, pleased. "I'm glad. Now, get your butt into there so that I can see why the heck you have silver sparkles in your hair."

Adam giggled and eagerly made his way into the small room. Once he was done, he slowly turned the knob on the handle, hoping Kris didn't notice it, and opened the door. Thankfully, Kris hadn't noticed one bit.

The night seemed to be going perfectly for him when it came to Kris.

"Sweetie, look."

Immediately Kris's eyes flew to Adam, and man, he was stunning. He was a hot glittery mess, and now, Kris could see exactly why he wore those sparkles and that silver glittery eyeliner that he himself had to apply, considering Adam was too busy messing with his hair. He looked hotter than any person Kris had ever met, and that sent goosebumps up his arms.

That man in front of him is his man.


"That seems like a good reaction."

Kris smirked and got up. "It's a fantastic reaction."

And finally, the last kiss before the prom happened, and all was right in the world at the moment. Things were good. Perfect. Amazing.

Adam had a healthy family, a husband-to-be that was hot and adorable and perfect beyond belief, wonderful friends who loved him just the way he was, a little girl waiting to be born, and most importantly, he had the best life he could ever imagine at the moment.

Kris had family who finally were coming to terms with who he was and were starting to love him, gay or not, a group of friends who he wouldn't trade the world for, a wonderful husband-to-be who had made him feel special like no man before him ever could, a beautiful daughter on the way that was his, and he had the best life in the world, if anybody asked him then.

It's so amazing how things built so high and sturdy can fall and crumble down to rubble so quickly.


To be continued......


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